Dr Oz: Garlic Spatula Swap & Tim Ferriss 4-Hour Chef Review


Tim Ferriss The 4-Hour Chef

Today’s Dr. Oz show is filled with all of the tips you need to boost your energy and lose weight. Tim Ferriss’s 4-Hour Energy Boosting Plan has already included his recipe for an energy boosting tonic and one for edible dirt. He also shared the importance and benefit of exposure to blue light as it gives you the energy you need when you are feeling tired in the morning. He shared several other ways to get the energy you need to help you get through your day and lose weight, like the Garlic Spatula Swap.

Tim Ferriss: Garlic Spatula Swap

Tim Ferriss, author of The 4-Hour Chef, says that when you need a spatula for cooking you can take a clove of garlic and poke it onto the tines of a fork. He says it not only works to move food around when you are cooking, but it also adds flavor and nutritional benefit to the food you are cooking. It is a win-win because you not only get those added benefits, but you also do not have a spatula to wash as the end of your meal.

4-Hour Kitchen Tricks: Knife Skills

Tim Ferriss says that a dull knife can actually cause more damage than a sharp one in your kitchen. Chef Joshua Skenes explains that if you were use a dull knife to cut something like herbs, you will end up pulverizing it, rather than chopping it, which will leave many of the nutrients right on your cutting board.

Tim Ferriss: Ghee vs Butter

Tim Ferriss that Ghee not only tastes delicious, but it is also a way to cut fat out of your diet and help with weight loss when you use it in place of regular butter.

Dr Oz 4-Hour Kitchen Tricks: Peeler Uses

Tim Ferriss says that peelers are wonderful kitchen tools because they provide many different uses. Not only can you peel vegetables, but you can slice a vegetable into “noodle” strips or super thin slices, depending on what dish you are preparing for dinner.

Tim Ferriss – Healthy Cooking in Less Time

Dr Oz: Garlic Spatula Swap & Tim Ferriss 4-Hour Chef Review

Tim Ferriss is the 4-Hour Chef and he says if you follow his advice you can master healthy cooking in less than 4 hours.

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