Dr Oz: Gastric Hypnotic Band | Hypnosis to Lose Weight

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Dr Oz: Gastric Hypnotic Band | Hypnosis to Lose Weight

By on February 8, 2012

Dr Oz: Hypnosis to Lose Weight

On today’s show, Dr Oz brought out Hypnotist, Paul McKenna, to demonstrate how hypnotism can help you lose weight. For the first time on television, Paul showed how his Gastric Hypnotic Band worked for those looking to shed the pounds. His method tricks the body into thinking it’s had weight loss surgery. Does this method really work?

Hypnotist, Paul McKenna, is Great Britain’s best-selling self help author. His book, I Can Make You Thin, has sold millions of copies across the nation. Paul is a man on a mission. His methods have astounding millions around the world.

Dr Oz Hypnosis Weight Loss

Dr Oz Hypnosis Weight Loss

Believers flock to him to shed pounds, to stop smoking and to boost self-confidence. Modern hypnotist says everything takes place in the mind, which is like a computer. Paul shows you how to lose weight without actually going under the knife. It sounds outrageous, but can it work for you?

Paul McKenna told Dr Oz that his cutting-edge methods may not work on everyone because it depends on the person, however, approximately 7 in 10 will lose the weight and keep it off.

Hypnosis has been studied for over 50 years at places like Stanford and Harvard and studies have indicated that it is effective for changing behavior, plus, it’s safe.

Dr Oz: Hypnotic Weight Loss

Before the show, Paul randomly selected audience members and hypnotized them. (They didn’t even know they were hypnotized.) He hypnotized a woman in an orange jumper, a woman in a red jumper, and a woman in black and white top. Paul snapped and told them to go to sleep and immediately, they closed their eyes.

They were to listen to his voice and do what he commands. He asked them to lift their hand like a helium balloon was attached to it. Their hands raised. He then told them to lower their hands like the string attached to their wrist and the balloon had been snapped. Their hands dropped. (All this while they are “asleep”) Paul then told them to wake up.

Paul told the stunned audience that while the procedure looked dramatic, it was really simple. It’s about the power of suggestion. Nancy, the woman in the orange jumpsuit, said she didn’t think she was hypnotized. She was just very relaxed. She felt like she couldn’t control what she was doing. She knew her eyes were closed and it felt as though something was lifting her arm. Laura, the woman in the red jumpsuit, was aware she was hypnotized. For her, it was very relaxing. She closed her eyes because Paul told her to. (Wow! Every guy’s dream—tell his girlfriend what to do and she does it!) The woman in the black and white sweater said she felt “really relaxed” and that she wasn’t aware that people were looking at her.

Dr Oz stated that he got his first taste of hypnotism in medical school. That’s when he realized the power of suggestion.

Dr Oz: Gastric Hypnotic Band Review

Paul stated he created the Gastric Hypnotic Band to help those who have tried conventional methods to lose weight. He explained that there is no surgery involved like the medical gastric bypass, but rather, he suggests to someone that they’ve had the procedure. People suddenly feel full when they eat, thinking they’ve actually had the medical procedure.

Angela, Brigid and Desiree stated that they loved food. It was difficult for them to put down the fork and always felt as though they needed to clean the plate.

Paul called the women on the phone and instructed them what to do. He suggested things like they were going to feel full only after a few bites and they were to chew their food 20 times before swallowing. Did it work?

Twenty-four hours later, Angela stated that she was now chewing her food 20 times and sat on her hands when she wanted more food. She noticed she couldn’t finish her meals and felt okay leaving food on her plate. She told Dr Oz that she felt it was working. She used to drink 3-4 bottles of soda a day and now only drinks 1. She also doesn’t crave food anymore and didn’t feel deprived.

Brigid told Dr Oz that she and her husband went out for an anniversary dinner and she couldn’t eat 1/3 of her meal. She told Dr Oz that she felt some pain or tightness in the stomach, like she was full.

Desiree told Dr Oz that when she sat down and had a meal, she felt nauseous. Now, she only ate 25% of her food.

Dr Oz asked Paul if the pain or tightness was normal since these were also side effects of gastric bypass surgery. Paul stated that yes, you imagined it vividly enough, you would get the side effects of gastric bypass.

Paul said that some people needed to be re-hypnotized for reinforcement, but some only need it done once. This procedure was new, so there is no data on long-term effects.

Dr Oz asked the women if they were happy with their decision to have the Gastric Hypnotic Band and they all stated, yes. They’ve even lost a couple of pounds within 5 days.

Does this sound like something you’d try? Leave a message and let me know.

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Comments to Dr Oz: Gastric Hypnotic Band | Hypnosis to Lose Weight

  1. I would like to know more about this Hypnotic Weight loss Band, Also what happens after one looses all the weight they need to loose? Could this be dangerous like a real Gastric Band?

  2. I’m interested! Who does this work?

  3. I am interested in this.Can you send me more information on it. Thank-you

  4. I would like to know where I could get a CD or infomration on this as seen on the show, Ive only been able to find his “I can make you thin” on line.
    Thank you

  5. Elizabeth Stroud says:

    I also interested in this. I checked Paul Mckenna’s web site and all his CD’s and the costs is listed in England currency. Please help.

  6. @Elizabeth

    Click on “Visit US Store” in the upper right corner of McKenna’s website to view the prices in dollars.

  7. Jane Lukowich says:

    My son needs help badly. He has Klinefelter’s Syndrome and needs to lose 200 pounds and has tried everything. He is working hard and trying to save to gastric by-pass surgery. This Hypnotic process would be a Godsend for him. Please let me know more so I can help my son. (He is 34.)

    Thank you, Jwl

  8. Ruth Wilson says:

    I would like more info on the gastric hypnotic band. Can a CD be purchased?

  9. Jeanne Gulbraa says:

    I’m interested. How can I purchase this?

  10. wilbert windish says:

    my 77 year old wife has had 4 back surgreys and in constant pain has to lay down to stop it.
    nobody can help, she has gain alot of weight and cant seem to lose it .
    how do i go about getting he hypnosis? thank you

  11. marsha ewens says:

    where can i purchase a cd? or where to go do this in Ameria?

  12. Julia Sandstedt says:

    I am very interested in the hypnotic gastric band. The last ten years I have gained way to much weight. I tore my ACL in my left knee and half my cartilage which made it hard for me to work out like I used to. When my Mom passed in 2009 was when I put on quit a bit. I am an active person but I could be more active and my eating habits have room for improvement. I have considered the lap band procedure but the cost is to much. I don’t like the gastric bypass procedure because of it’s permanency and that I have see to many that have had bad experiences. I want to lose enough weight to be healthy for my size. I think the hypnotic gastric band method would be the best thing and I would love to know more about it.
    Thank you.

  13. Charlene Robertson says:

    I am very interested . I can’t wait to purchase the cd. I am currently exercising but having difficulty eating properly due to picky eaters in my family and many other reasons . I need to lose 100 lbs . My weight has been up and down since I was 3 . It would be wonderful to get control of my bad eating habits.

  14. I am vey interested in trying the cd if I only knew where to get it. Maybe you can me this. I would to once and all get my weight under control. I hope you help me

  15. Catherine F. says:

    Vey Interested! Not only in the weight loss, but the quit smoking hypnosis too. I’ve tried alot…

  16. Agnes Imbert says:

    Dr. Oz
    Thanks for your program, I love it!!!!
    I am definitively very interested…I have been struggling with my weight since I remember…let me know where and how can I get one.

  17. I would like information please on where to purchased the gastric band cd/dvd.

  18. I would like to know where I can buy the hypnotic gastric band DVD?

  19. Brenda Nance says:

    I would also like more information on this, I did a search on Paul McKenna and on his web site he has a CD & DVD set that said it will help you get thin, but I am not sure if this is the same one he did on the show. Could you please tell me how to get this CD or how to reach him by email. I have read that he can do the hypnosis over the phone, if this is true I would love to see if I can afford his fee and have him do the hypnosis.

  20. I’m really interested in the Hypnotic gastric band. I checked Paul McKenna’s website but the only thing I found was the “thin” CD’s. Where can I get the one featured on your show.

  21. Tell me how I can get the cd for hypnotic gastric band. i have not been able to find any authentic links to obtaining one from Paul Mckenna. thanks

  22. terry brown says:

    can you tell me the site to go to for more information on how to get the cd for the Paul McKenna for the lap band

  23. I would like more information on the hypnotic gastric lap band.

  24. I would be very interested in learning more about hypnosis gastic banding. – Paul McKenna.

  25. Please send information if available to purchase, i’m on it!

  26. I suffer from MS and my limitations to exercise in order to lose weight are low.
    I did HCG and after a year back to same weight. I have high hopes for this program.

  27. I am over 90 lbs. over weight, I purchased Paul McKenna’s I Can Make You Thin book and cd, only to be disappointed. Not one word regarding the gastric hypnotic band. Is this program available? Please send or post information on how to obtain this product. Why would you promote such a promising program if it is not available?

  28. I would LOVE to try this and like others I looked ffor a CD or DVD on his website for lap band. I am slowly loosing weight thanks to all the little changes I have made in my daily diet. but have SO much to go and 1-2 lbs a month is SO slow! Thank you for all your support Dr. Oz!

  29. Mary Keenan says:

    I would love to try this. I have started working out but losing weight is not coming as expected. Where can I purchase this hypnotic lap band cd.

  30. I would be more than interested in trying Dr Oz: Gastric Hypnotic Band | Hypnosis to Lose Weight.

    I’m trying to limit gluten and have recently discontinued eating meat. It seems I have gained a few pounds since I started this a few weeks ago. I imagine my diet is too full of carbs. I’d love to lose 25 lbs. If there is a CD, I would like to purchase it!

  31. Is anyone from the Dr. Oz show ever going to answer the question everyone has asked? WHERE DO WE GET THE PRODUCT??????? So disappointed in the lack of response from the show. Why ask our opinion if you’re not going to respond.

  32. I’m interested in being hypnotised…..

  33. I am really interested in this hypnotic gastric bypass CD. I can’t find this on line. How can you get a CD of this hypnosis program.

  34. cherieadams says:

    very interested in cd or phone hypnotising session. How do I get more info. Had Gastric B surgery and it works. Was removed due to slippage 3 years ago. Please let me know how to get in touch with Mckenna or his tapes. Thank you

  35. I too am very interested in this hypnosis. How do I get more information about this? Please help. Thank you.

  36. I am definately interested. Please send informattion on how to get a cd on the gastric hypnosis. I am 150 overweight. I need this help.

  37. Please let me know how I can purchase the audio cd on the gastric bypass that was shown on the dr. oz show by paul mckenna! thank you Kristi Cantele

  38. I am Interested in the audio cd on the gastric bypass that was shown on the dr. oz show by paul mckenna. Please let me know how I can purchase it. Thank you, Kristi Cantele

  39. I’m very interested in the gastric bypass hypnosis. Where can I get it….. the sooner the better for me.


  40. Margaret Mace says:

    I would like to buy the CD and DVD.

  41. Darla Hughes says:

    Apparently no one at Dr. Oz is going to answer the question about the hypnosis.

  42. if someone could get back to us about where to get the cd for gastic bypass hypnosis program – it would be great.


  43. I am VERY interested in this weight loss! I watched the show & want to try it!

  44. Cheryl Gillman says:

    I can’t find where to order the hypnosis band cd. What it the website I need to go to.

  45. CELIA WIMES says:


  46. Druid Peak Ranch says:

    Has anyone found McKenna’s version of the hypno band if so can I get the information as to where?

  47. Betty Wagoner says:

    Hello out there. Does anybody even read these comments? I guess the better question is “Is anybody supposed to? Anyone can go online and find out all sorts in information about the hypno band but is it trustworthy? It might have been better if we had not ever seen this segment on the show if there is no follow up information.

  48. Delicia Niami says:

    Very interested, please let me know if there is somewhere I can purchase a CD/DVD.

    Thank you!

  49. Like all of the others above, I would like to know how to get Paul McKenna’s cd on the gastric
    hypnosis band. Could you please advise where to get it or how to contact Mr. Mckenna. His website does not show the gastric hypnosis bandcd. PLEASE HELP.

  50. wilbert windish says:

    yes i would like more on gastric hypnosis band for my wife ,she has had many back surgerys and has gained weight and its hard for her to even walk with out pain

  51. I’m very interested in this and would like to get his CD on gastric band hypnosis. Please help. Is it on his web site ? I need it, like yesterday !

  52. Judi Paulson says:

    Dr. Oz,

    I am very interested in getting the CD/DVD on Dr. Paul McKenna’s Gastric Hypnotic Band. Please let me know where I can purchase it. His website does not have it.

  53. I would love to try this. where can a reputable hypnotist be found.

  54. Barbara Knowles says:

    I would love to try this. Where can you purchase the cd

  55. LaTara McLeod says:

    I would love to try this product.

  56. I’m interested in the hypnotic lap band as i am borderline diabetic weighing 321 pounds and i am 35 years old. This scares me as i am a single mom of 2 beautiful children, 6 & 5. I have tried several different dieting methods, exercise routines, etc & nothing has been successful.

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