Dr Oz: Genetically Modified Food – Is GM Food Safe? GMOs Cause Cancer?


Dr Oz: GMO Diet vs Non-GMO Diet

What do you know about Genetically Modified Foods? That was the subject of Dr Oz’s show, and he wanted to talk about the controversy surrounding these food options. You could be eating genetically modified food (sometimes called GM food or GMO foods).

Scientists engineer food to be more affordable, more plentiful, and easier to produce. In just 20 years, about 90% of America’s sugar beets, corn, and soybeans are genetically modified. That means as much as 75% of our processed food supply contains GMOs.

Dr Oz: GMOs Banned in Europe

Dr Oz: Genetically Modified Food - Is GM Food Safe? GMOs Cause Cancer?

Dr Oz talked with experts on both sides of the debate about Genetically Modified Food. Are these GMO foods safe to eat, or dangerous?


  1. says

    something is … could it be the food we are eating? when I was young you only heard of cancer once in a great while and it was a shock to hear . but today you hear it from every family and every other person…I would choose not to eat GM food if it was labled, so I think we all should have this knowledge to make our own choices…

  2. John Fryer says

    Carol is correct. Most cancers have been rising and for Breast Cancer this has reached epidemic levels and the Professor Seralini research gives a plausible cause for at least some of this increased level of cancer.

    I too can vouch that for fifteen years I knew of no one with cancer. Today I have lost 60 per cent of my family to cancers.

    An anecdotal rise of infinite levels from the previous 800 year family history study of zero known cases involving about 1 000 descendents.

    And to add insult to injury the longest known survivor was 200 years ago.

  3. John Fryer says

    Martina ten years ago was an expert on GMO and still hasnt realised the harm yet except at World Trade Meetings that forces Europe to import millions of tons of GMO food or pay huge fines.

    She’s been “pied” at the Commonwealth Club and nearly tear-gassed at the World Trade Organization meeting in Seattle. But she’s still an enthusiastic and charismatic advocate for biotech education.

    I have suffered from that Bt GMO food that destroys insects guts and gave me a life threatening illness that magically got better over two years by buying my food very very carefully (non GMO) at great expense.

    I would swop that experience for any amount of pieing or near tear gassing. What is near tear gassing anyway?

    Education is fine but force feeding carcinogenic food NO NO NO to GMO GMO GMO.

  4. John Fryer says

    Black Monday: The europeans in their wisdom have given a round zero to the proof of cancer from any GMO food or for that matter the damage to your kidneys or liver. 60 years ago we had the prospect of the new science of Nuclear Energy. No risks, no harm, no more fuel bills. After Chernobyl we denied harm and thought we were so good that building the same on Fault Zones was the proof of our mastery compared to the ignoratii of the world.

    Today we even have proof now of GMO harm but like Chernobyl the evidence is again from the ignoratii and we knwo better GMO is good for us.

    But who is us?

  5. John Fryer says

    GMO is similar to Nuclear in that the harm released can be infinitely more than conventional. GMO maize has spread thousands of miles from USA to Mexico where it is incorporating itself into old forms of maize. We have in effect unlocked the slow changes to DNA and speeded them up. Unlike Nuclear the GMOs can and do propagate themselves and so what was once food is now toxic food as the plants like deadly nightshade et al have a good toxin in them to achieve supremacy and provide long term health risks to those that eat them. If we cultivate them they now soak up dangerous chemicals to add to the toxic mix of novel foods. black Monday will become Black every day. France does not allow GMO but imports the stuff so it is now in our milk, meat and vegetables but we still have GMO free water here!

  6. John Fryer says

    Where Do all the E Coli poisonings originate from? Could it be in GMO foods and even pure products that have been spliced with E coli in the past to make these GMO Franken Foods. I can remember when a cup full of E coli would do no more than give you stomach ache. Today the 200 plus novel GMO’d forms can kill but if you are lucky you just need Big Pharma medications for life to exist in some sort of ill health. Better off if it killed you really? Read Paul Berg splicer of E Coli and Robert Pollack and his most dangerous experiment in the world referring to Paul Berg and his lady accomplice in genocide. Today 47 per cent pre signs of diabetes. Not bad for a safe technology or rather regulators who cant see danger when presented on a free to them 3 million euro two year study. But then if you have to pull every processed food off every shelf in the world it is a problem in itself for us! Still long term planning MIGHT be an idea?

  7. Sal Cendan says

    I have tried to eat unprocessed foods since ~1978, and I have always done exercise from mild recreation to vigorous sporting. My diet changed as I moved and lived in the East, Southeast, Midwest, West (and coast), and overseas. Recently, I have come to understand that GMOs are likely responsible for me developing acid reflux disease. We need to address the point in the early 1990s where Monsanto suppressed scientists and their work that exposes GMO related health risks that now manifest as disease epidemics.

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