Dr Oz Gluten Sensitivity Self Test: DIY At-Home Gluten Allergy Quiz


Dr Oz: Gluten Sensitivity Self Check Quiz

Dr Oz explained the Gluten Spectrum and promised a test we can give ourselves to find out whether we have a Gluten Sensitivity. Get his Gluten self check quiz and find out whether you might be one of the 20 million Americans suffering from Gluten allergies or Celiac Disease.

Dr Oz: Gluten Allergy Test

Dr Oz: Gluten Sensitivity Self Check Quiz - Gluten Allergy Test

Dr Oz shared the Gluten Sensitivity Self Test you can use to test yourself for gluten allergies; symptoms & Gluten Misdiagnosis.


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    My mother watched the Dr. Oz show today and she informed me that I have 6 of the symptoms, asked me to check this web site and actually I have 8 out of the 9 symptoms. WOW! That is all I can say! I have been battling different problems for years and actually thought “is this how I am to spend my life?” It seems like everything I eat gives me bloating, gas, constipation or diarrhea, I was diagnosed with acid reflux years ago! I have anxiety for it seems all of my life and am medicated daily for it, I am down on myself often and cry over what at times I feel was nothing. I am very fatigued and get headaches often. I have joint pains and brain fog at times, the only thing I do not have is Acne or Eczema. I am just plain stunned. My mother may be on to something and now I need to read up about Gluten free foods and what I need to do now. I am willing to try anything at this point because I get totally miserable. Thank you so much for enlightening me.

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    Hi Jewel..I am new to this gluten stuff..looking for support..someone to talk to.You sound exactly like me..but boy this gluten free stuff is challenging!

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