Dr Oz: Goji Berries Reduce Alzheimers Risk & How To Remove a Band-Aid


Doctor Oz: Super Memory

Do you find you often forget things? Are you finding that as you get older you can’t seem remember things as well as you could when you were younger? There are actually ways to charge up your memory and improve your concentration and Dr. Oz is ending his Super Power Hour by telling you how you can make it happen: Goji Berries reduce Alzheimers risk and work as a memory superfood.

Dr Oz: Nelson Dellis National Memory Champion

Nelson Dellis, the man who never forgets a thing, and is the two-time winner of the National Memory championship, says that anyone can have a Super Memory and he is going to tell you the one super food to recharge your memory for years to come. While Dellis says he wasn’t born with a super memory, he was inspired to begin training his memory about three years ago when his Grandmother passed away from Alzheimer’s disease. He vowed that he did not want the same for himself and admits he did not have a great memory before that time. In a fun test of his memorizing skills, Doctor Oz challenged Nelson Dellis to remember the birthdays of ten audience members before the last commercial break. He asked them all stand with cards in front of them facing down to hide their birthdays. Dellis got them all correct without making one mistake.

Goji Berries Reduce Alzheimers: Super Food For Memory

Dr Oz: Goji Berries Reduce Alzheimers Risk & How To Remove a Band-Aid

Nelson Dellis says that he eats Goji Berries every day to help lower his risk of Alzheimer’s, the disease that took his grandmother’s life.

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