Dr Oz: Gravity Straps | 3 Steps to Look Long & Lean


Dr Oz: Gravity Straps Review

Doctor Oz spoke about Belly Fat Busting Food Swaps, but what if you want to take it one step further? On today’s show, Dr Oz introduced Celebrity Trainer, Jim Karas, who has trained stars like Diane Sawyer and Hugh Jackman. Jim Karas, the author of The 7 Day Energy Surge, said that one big mistake women are making is letting hunger dictate what they are eating.



  1. Duncan Hudson says

    It would be helpful if you would include links to products mentioned on the show or this site. I was able to find the Gravity Straps, but for a slightly higher cost than mentioned. I would love to find the site where I could get them for $35.

  2. Judith Wright says

    Where do I find the over-the-door gravity straps as shown on the Dr. Oz show?

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