Dr Oz Greek Yogurt Shrinks Belly Fat & Flat Belly Plan With MUFA Meals


Dr Oz: Reduce Inflammation By Eating Berries

Are you ready to blast away your belly fat once and for all? Dr. Oz has the “Flat Belly Plan” that will help you lose that belly fat for good and he promises the food will on the plan will be delicious and you will never be hungry!

Dr Oz: Flat Belly Plan

Liz Vaccariello, author of the book Flat Belly Diet, explained that the key to eliminating your belly fat is actually by adding specific types of good fats to your diet. She said this is the key to losing that dangerous visceral fat that is tucked into our organs and can cause a great deal of health problems. Dr. Shawn Talbott added that the hormone Cortisol is what causes problems for many people because when we are stressed it sends a message to our brain, which tells us to eat in order to reduce our stress. Dr. Talbott said we need to short circuit that message in order to get control and eliminate belly fat. Jaime Brenkus, creator of 8 Minute Abs, told Dr. Oz that even if you have never had a flat belly before today, it is absolutely possible to get one by doing specific exercises that target the core and reduce bloating in your stomach.

Dr Oz: Greek Yogurt Shrinks Fat Cells

Dr Oz Greek Yogurt Shrinks Belly Fat & Flat Belly Plan With MUFA Meals

Dr. Oz said eating Greek yogurt before every meal with shrink fat cells and eliminate your belly fat!


  1. Nancy Ellis says

    Dr. Oz said on today’s show that there would be a weeks worth of meals menu for the MUFA diet. Can you please direct me. All I can find is what they showed during today’s show. Thanks.

  2. says

    I cannot drink milk either but the culturing of milk products changes the digestibility and I can eat
    Greek Yogurt and Kefir which is a probiotic drink that has exceptional health benefits. Might give it a try.

  3. Joann Akion says

    Do you have to eat the greek yogurt plain before every meal in order to get the fat cell shrinkage benefit?

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