Dr Oz: Green Coffee Bean Extract Experiment: Fraud or Weight Loss Pill


Dr Oz: Green Coffee Extract – Fat Burner That Works?

Dr Oz is back for his 4th season and he’s ready to reveal the fat burner that really works! Is green coffee bean extract the answer to weight loss? Doctor Oz talked about it last May and store-owners and websites immediately starting pushing the product, but does it really work? Doctor Oz was attacked for calling it a miracle remedy. He wanted you to know that he was not paid anything nor is he ever paid a fee for any product he talks about. For the first time, The Dr Oz Show is doing their own study. He had the audience take part in this study to find out if green coffee extract could help you lose weight. You may be surprised by the results.


  1. Karen Vitale says

    I wrote earlier to ask if anyone every experienced itchy scalp while taking Green Coffee Bean Pills. I did and I’m not sure why. It wasn’t just a little itch, it was driving me crazy, would wake me up because my head itched so bad. My hair dresser said I showed no signs of redness or dryness that could cause this. Please see if you can answer this problem for me. I tried stopping the pills for a month and the itcyness went away and I started again and it returned.

  2. Linda Carullo says

    Why can’t diabetics take it? My health store owner said it is good for keeping your blood sugar level.
    Is the one with the raspberry ketones better than the ones without it?

  3. Uma Subramaniam says

    I am also experiencing quite severe itching after being on the Green Coffee Bean pills for almost two months. It started off mildly and now has become quite bad. I’ve stopped taking the pills, but the itching has not stopped. I am not sure how long it will take to go away, but I’m definitely not going to continue these pills. Pity, because they did help with weight loss and appetite control. On another site I read that these pills suppress liver activity and that’s why some people start itching.

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