Dr Oz: Grehlin Hunger Hormone & Leptin Hormone: Grehlin Smackdown

Dr Oz’s Show on the Dr Oz 11 Week Diet Plan included a segment about Grehlin – the Hunger Hormone that makes your stomach growl when you are hungry.  Doctor Oz said that Grehlin was actually only discovered around 10 years ago.  In order to understand Grehlin (the bad hormone that makes you eat) and Leptin (the good hormone that says you’ve had enough to eat), you have to understand how three organs work together.  Then, you can learn Dr Oz’s 3 Grehlin Smackdown Tips!

Dr Oz: How Grehlin Works

Dr Oz said there are three organs in your body that control hunger – your brain, stomach and the fat in your belly.  Your belly fat or Omentum Dr Oz Leptin Hormone releases a hormone called Leptin that goes to your brain and tells your brain that you do not need any more fat and that you can stop eating because you are full.  This is why a little bit of fat is ok.  Your stomach has another chemical feedback loop through the Grehlin Hormone which tells your brain that you are hungry and need to be fed.  The brain is in charge of deciding whether to listen to the signals from the fat’s Leptin Hormone or the stomach’s Grehlin Hormone.

Dr Oz: How to Manage Grehlin

Dr Oz’s Grehlin Smackdown #1: Eat 5 Small Meals a Day

Dr Oz said that by eating 5 small meals every day, you keep yourself from being hungry.  So, if you think of Grehlin sitting on one side of a seesaw and Leptin on the other side of the seesaw, you want to keep Leptin up in the air and boosted high and Grehlin down on the ground.  Eat 300-400 calories per meal.  For breakfast, you can have some low fat milk and high fiber cereal.  Try a protein wrap with turkey and avocado for lunch.  For diner, try salmon and brown rice.  A smoothie is a great snack that is full of fiber and probiotics from the yogurt.  Another snack that Dr Oz showed was fruit, cheese and crackers.

Dr Oz’s Grehlin Smackdown #2: Eat Sugar

How counter-intuitive is this rule?  But not just any sugar works.  Dr Oz said that your intestines can sense sugar and turn off Grehlin when it detects natural sugars found in fruits, because the natural sugars are bound to fiber and other nutrients.  White sugar will not do the trick!

Dr Oz’s Grehlin Smackdown #3: Sleep 7 Hours Minimum

Dr Oz said that when you do not sleep normally, you crave carbs and your brain thinks that you are stressed out.  So your brain makes up for this by making you crave sugary foods and carbs.  You need at least 7 hours of sleep a day, but 8 hours is wonderful.  We all know that we cannot get up later – so try going to bed a little earlier, even by just 30 minutes.


  1. Gloria R Williams says

    This show was excellent. It all makes more sence to me when Dr. Oz brakes the information down.
    thank you sincerely.
    Mrs. Williams

  2. Diane Hindman says

    December 3, 2011
    I missed the part about what to put on age spots on hands. Would you please give it to me?
    Thank you!
    Diane Hindman

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