Dr Oz: GTF Chromium Supplements, Oolong Tea & Cacao Nibs


Dr Oz: Metabolism Boosters

Dr Oz gave a list of Cancer Fighting Supplements, but how about those of us who also want Metabolism Boosting Supplements?  You eat properly and exercise regularly, so why can’t you seem to lose weight? On today’s show, Doctor Oz was joined by Registered Dietician, Ashley Koff, RD, to show you how to send your metabolism into overdrive with the best metabolism boosters.  I wonder whether today’s Metabolism Boosters are better or worse than the list that Dr Oz gave on a previous show (you can read about it at the following link: White Bean Extract Metabolism Booster.)


  1. Anna says

    Dr. Oz — On your July 18 show you memtioned apple cider vinegar, would you repeat what you said about it — thank you

  2. says

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