Dr Oz: Gut Flush and Vegan Cleanse + Probiotic Supplement Review


Dr Oz: Best Detox Cleanse for Belly Fat

Dr. Oz and Dr. Alejandro Junger are discussing which detox cleanse is best based on your body type. They have already covered the All-Liquid Cleanse, which is best if you carry fat all over your body. The next detox body type is inflamed due to food intolerance. Answer the following questions to see if you fit into this category.

  1. Do you eat red meat more than 2 times a week?
  2. Do you have strong sugar cravings?
  3. Do you are constantly under stress at work and at home?
  4. Do you often have dry, itchy skin and scalp?
  5. Do you have achy joints?
  6. Does cancer run in your family?

Did you answer “Yes” to any of these questions? If so, Dr. Junger says you have a lot of inflammation in the body, which is causing many of symptoms from the questions above.

Dr Oz: 7-Day Vegan Cleanse

Dr Oz: Gut Flush and Vegan Cleanse + Probiotic Supplement Review

Dr Alejandro Junger recommends a Gut Flush Cleanse for those carry fat in their belly because it will promote the growth of good bacteria.


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