Dr Oz: Handy Gourmet Fat Magnet, Dip Clip & Bluapple Produce Reviews

By on March 23, 2012

Dr Oz: Kitchen Gadgets that Cut Fat

You’re looking to cut the fat but not the taste. On today’s show, Doctor Oz was joined by Shape Magazine Editor, Bahar Takhtehchian, to show you the best kitchen gadgets that help you cut the fat while still keeping the delicious taste.

Bahar told Dr Oz that in order to lose weight, you should avoid oil, grease and high fatty proteins.

Dr Oz The Dip Clip & Handy Gourmet Fat Magnet

Dr Oz reviewed The Dip Clip, Handy Gourmet Fat Magnet & kitchen gadgets to reduce fat in your meals.

(Translation…all the great tasting foods!) You should also watch portion control because the more calories consumed, the fatter we become.

Handy Gourmet Fat Magnet Review

The Handy Gourmet Fat Magnet cleans off the fat from your favorite dishes, like meatloaf or even lasagna. To use, simply place the fat magnet into the freezer for at least 2 ½ hours. When ready to use, glide the magnet on top of the dish to get rid of grease in the food. You can purchase the Handy Gourmet Fat Magnet for $15 dollars online

Dr Oz: Healthy Meatloaf Baker Review

The Healthy Meatloaf Baker includes a side-less tray that contains holes to collect the grease and fat. To use, place your meatloaf into the tray and bake as usual. Use the handles to pull out the meatloaf when done. (You should see the grease and oil accumulated onto the bottom of the dish.) You can use the Healthy Meatloaf Baker to experiment with other dishes as well. Available online for $14. Easily cleanable.

Dip Clips Review

The Dip Clip is great for those addicted to dips. It also helps you practice portion control. To use, simply fill the Dip Clip with your favorite dip and clip it onto your plate. You can purchase this item for $8 for 4 at Kmart.

Dr Oz: Bluapple Packets

American families waste $600 a year on produce that has gone bad. Bluapple Packets contain a volcanic ash that keeps produce 3 x longer. Use the packets in a bowl or a produce container in fridge.

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  1. Where can you buy meatloaf pan? What store? or website?

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