Dr Oz: Haylie Pomroy ‘Metabolism Whisperer’ Lose 20 Pounds In 4 Weeks!


Dr Oz: Lose 20 Pounds In Four Weeks, Boost Your Metabolism

Dr. Oz and nutritionist Haylie Pomroy discussed Haylie’s Metabolism Checklist to help you determine whether your metabolism needs a boost. She told Dr. Oz there are important tests you need to request from your doctor as well as certain foods you need to avoid in order to take control of your metabolism and rev up your weight loss!

Dr Oz: Haylie Pomroy the “Metabolism Whisperer”

Nutritionist Haylie Pomroy calls herself the “Metabolism Whisperer” and she promises you can lose 20 pounds in four weeks if you follow her plan to get your metabolism back on track! Her goal when creating this program was to help “real” people lose weight. They are people with parties to go to, events to attend and children to feed and she did not want anyone to ever feel deprived or guilty because of the foods they were eating. Haylie looks at food as a form of medicine and a vehicle for weight loss, rather than something to fear or avoid.


  1. Dianna says

    I agree! I want to start right away but it seems like there is more to the plan than what was said on the show. Anyone done this diet? I will buy the book but have a wedding before april .

  2. Shawna says

    I’m not waiting until April, either, and there is enough information that was given to use right away with some additional guidance. I’m a DIY kind of gal so I thought, “Just find a book already out there and substitute/incorporate Ms. Pomroy’s info it.” So, I went to Amazon, scoped out the books on ‘Metabolism Diets’ and I’m getting The Metabolism Miracle: 3 Easy Steps to Regain Control of Your Weight . . . Permanently. Why this one? One person commented they had lost weight quickly but got ‘stuck’ after the initial loss. I thought, “Oh, I know why…you need to be ‘flushing’ with Pomroy’s protein and veggies in the order she has them:

    PHASE ONE (Monday-Tuesday): Lots of carbs and fruits
    PHASE TWO (Wednesday-Thursday): Lots of proteins and veggies
    PHASE THREE (Friday-Saturday-Sunday): All of the above, plus healthy fats and oils
    Repeat for four weeks!

    So, using the (only) $2.99 book for guidance as to WHEN and HOW MUCH, add the info on this page and the phases from this/my comment and I would think you’d get the same results.

    I don’t want to take money away from Ms. Pomroy’s sales but, just like with the bride’s situation, some people (like me) want to start NOW.

  3. Dianna says

    Great advice, Shawna! I figured out her exercise plan from the website: cardio in phase one, strength in phase two, relaxation in three. But im wondering can I have ANY protein veggies and fat in phase one? Or only fruits and carbs? Can I have fruits and carbs in phase two? In other words, do the phases build on each other, or are one and two restrictive? Anybody know? Thanks!

  4. nat says

    anyone have more info on this diet. i would love to get started. I feel like I need more specifics though…

  5. Karen parker says

    I don’t have a thyroid any more will this plan still work for me? I know my metabolism is not working at all and I seem to have lost muscle since thyroid was removed. I do take replacement medication.

  6. says

    You have to purchase the book to get all the recipes. There are restrictives foods in all the phases and how they are prepared. It takes a lot of discipline. I am on Phase 3 of the first week. It helps to prepare all the main meals and freeze them. This is not a cheap diet either, you have to buy organic veggies and a ot of raw nuts which are found in Health stores or whole foods. Plan before you endevour into this. Pinterest have some recipes but not all. You will find it under her name. i have not finished the first week and lost two pounds.

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