Dr Oz: HCG Injections & Drops: The Miracle Diet Remedy?

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Dr Oz: HCG Injections & Drops: The Miracle Diet Remedy?

By on March 14, 2012

Dr Oz: HCG – The Miracle Diet Remedy?

About a year ago, Doctor Oz did a show about the HCG Diet as a means to lose weight. HCG is short for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin and is a hormone produced during pregnancy. According to Dr Oz, most studies say it doesn’t work, but there are plenty of people who believe it worked for them. The show a year ago on HCG prompted backlash, but at the same time, it prompted change. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has banned the product.  Have you tried HCG Shots before (or HCG Drops)?  I think I’d try Qnexa before HCG personally!

Dr Oz: HCG Drops vs HCG Injections

On today’s show, Dr Oz was joined by doctors who say they are for HCG and others who say they were against the potentially harmful product.

Dr Oz HCG Injections

Dr Oz HCG Shots

Weight Loss Specialist, Dr. Sheri Emma was against the use of HCG, stating that in most cases, it’s your muscle you’re losing, not fat and because of the restricted calories, it hurt your metabolism.

Weight Specialist, Dr. Craig Primack, was also against the product, stating that 25% of people over the last year have tried it and have lost weight. Unfortunately, they gained the weight (and then some) back.

Weight Loss Specialist, Dr. Lionel Bissoon told Dr Oz that he believed HCG worked because there were scientific methods that test, study and demonstrate that it works.

How HCG Injections Work

-this is for the injection and NOT the drops
-500 calories per day (sample below)
Breakfast: coffee
Snack: apple
Lunch: piece of protein and lettuce
Snack: melba toast
Dinner: small piece of protein and veggies
Snack: apple
-When you take HCG by injection, the body selectively burns fats cells around areas you want to lose fat (butt, stomach) and leaves the muscle alone. You get rid of the fat and weight but keep the muscle.

Susan, an audience member, told Dr Oz that she lost 75 lbs on the diet. In the first weeks, she was hungry but eventually her body became accustomed to the calorie restriction. She told Dr Oz that she no longer had hunger.

Dr Oz: HCG Diet Review

Dr. Emma’s Weight Loss Study:

-4 week trial
-people given the HCG injection lost 13lbs (11 lbs fat 2 lbs muscle)
-another group given salt water injections lost 15 lbs (10 lbs fat and 5 lbs muscle)-this group lost a lot more muscle.

HCG Weight Loss Review

Bottom Line-Doctor Oz says that HGG drops DO NOT work! In fact, the FDA says they’re fraudulent. There is also NO scientific proof the injections work. Dr Oz believes that no diet below 1200 calories per day should be used, unless under a physician’s care.

Dr Oz says that if you do decide to try it, understand that you are part of an experiment because you don’t know if it works or not.

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