Dr Oz: Hemp Seed Magnesium Content, Memory Benefits & Daily Allowance


Dr Oz: Hemp Seed Memory Booster

After introducing us to Black Soybean, Dr Oz’s next nutritional recommendation was Hemp Seed. It used to be popular, and Doctor Oz said that we should consider bringing it back, because of its benefits for the memory and our body’s Magnesium levels.

Dr Oz: Hemp Seed Memory Benefits

Dr Oz: Hemp Seed Magnesium Content, Memory Benefits & Daily Allowance

Dr Oz talked about the memory and mood boosting benefits of Hemp Seed, talking about how it restores the body’s needed daily Magnesium levels.


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    I was listening to the show this morning while at the gym. My husband suffered a stroke at and was diagnosed in January 2013. However the the stroke was sometime in 2012 at the age of 58. He was hit in the head/temple and knocked unconscious Dec 2011 and by Thanksgiving 2012 claiming he had instant Alzheimer’s but it took till Jan 2013 to get in to see a doctor. This year, his memory has gotten so bad. He will be 60 in February and does not know how much longer he can keep his job. Will hemp seeds/oils help his memory issues?

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