Dr Oz: How To Lose Weight As A Couple


Dr Oz Couple’s Diet

Dr Oz did a segment on how to lose weight as a couple.  Three months ago, Doctor Oz placed a married couple onto this Couple’s Diet Plan, which was a Weight Watchers Points Plus Program with Liz Josefsberg.  So how did the couple do?  And what are their tips for losing weight successfully as a couple?  Here is the scoop:

Dr Oz: Weight Watchers Points Plus Review

Pete and Susan are the couple who worked with Liz Josefsberg on the Weight Watcher’s Points Plus Program.  They said that the program transformed Dr Oz Crockpot Chicken Recipetheir lives.  They were still able to have their favorite foods in moderation.  So Pete could still have pizza, but just one slice with a salad instead of several pieces of pizza alone.  Susan said it was not just a diet for her, but taught her to be more positive and she found the online tracker to be very helpful.  She could figure out the points in her dinner before she got to the meal and was able to really plan things out.

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