Dr Oz: How To Speed Up Your Weight Loss: Lemon Juice & Meal Reminders

Dr Oz did a segment called Speeding Up Your Weight Loss because all of us get frustrated when we are dieting and our weight plateaus.  Doctor Oz’s assistant said she has lost 8 pounds so far on Dr Oz’s 11 Week Weight Loss Challenge, and she loves Dr Oz so much that she named her dog Ozzie after him!  Dr Oz brought onto his show Kat Barefield, a Registered Dietitian, who said that the key is to make positive changes to your environment and lifestyle that you can do for the rest of your life.

Dr Oz: Lemon Juice For Weight Loss

Kat Barefield asked Dr Oz and his guest what new ingredient they thought would speed-up weight loss: lemon juice or oregano?  The answer is that lemon juice speeds up weight loss Dr Oz Speeding Up Your Weight Lossbecause it contains citric acid, which slows your gastric emptying time.  In other words, lemon juice makes food stay in your stomach for longer so that you feel full longer and therefore you eat less.

Dr Oz: Put Trigger Foods In Freezer

Kat Barefield asked Dr Oz and his guest if they thought that rearranging the environment to put trigger foods in the freezer or to eat off of red plates would help to speed up your weight loss.  Dr Oz’s guest said that she is an interior designer and she knows that if you pain a room red, it tends to make you hungry – so red plates might have the same effect.  The answer was that you should change your environment by placing tempting foods into the freezer, because then you create a barrier.  By making subtle changes to nudge you in the right direction, you can help yourself a lot.

Dr Oz: Meal Reminder Every 4 Hours

Kat Barefield’s final tip is to set your phone alarm for a meal reminder every 4 hours.  Otherwise, you may wait too long between meals, and then you will become super hungry and want to eat everything.


  1. Brandon Fitz says

    very well made, thank you very much for the information.
    I will be really useful for all the work we are developing

  2. says

    I also eat 5small meals a day with variety of food. I think that is the main reason why I loose some weight. I don’t eat a lot but I don’t starve myself and I found it very effective. Of course you should combine your diet with good exercise to see best result.

  3. jenny sullivan says

    i watched a show several days ago and they had this pill that caused sour food to taste sweet.
    what was it called?

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