Dr Oz: How To Stop Obesity | 3 Steps to Break Away From Obesity

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Dr Oz: How To Stop Obesity | 3 Steps to Break Away From Obesity

By on February 7, 2012

Dr Oz: Stop Obesity

In this segment, Dr Oz and Psychiatrist, Dr. Keith Ablow, explained that there are steps you can make immediately to break free from obesity. Between now and the next 48 hours, take these important steps that will get you going and start the training moving.

Dr Oz: 3 Steps To Break Free from Obesity

Step 1-Ask who was the first person who told you you’re worthless.  You can read more about this crucial question here: Morbid Obesity Question.

Dr Oz Obesity Plan

Dr Oz Obesity Plan

Step 2- Ask what fears are holding you back. It’s not that you can’t put the food down, it’s the fear that is harboring inside. Write these fears down on paper.

Step 3- Seek Support. Everyone knows a diet and exercise program. What you don’t know is that there is a reason why people gain weight. Find that support and rely on it.

Dr Oz: Obesity Plan

Start the train moving. You can do this right now. You’ve seen all the weight loss brochures and the commercials. Get moving by signing up for a weight loss program. You can even purchase a book that tells you how to lose weight. Get it in your mind that you’re ready to start and then take that first step. Sign up for a class at the gym or purchase a pedometer to keep track of your daily steps. Whatever you chose, get started now! Also, tell 3 people that you would like their support. You can do this easier with reliable people around you who will support your decision to get healthy.

Dr. Ablow agreed to hold one-on-one sessions with his team of life coaches to begin the process of transforming the women’s lives. (Those that wanted help.) Dr. Albow stated that the sessions would be raw and may cause discomfort, but in the end, it will be successful.

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  1. I disagree not everyone who has a weight problem is it caused because one can’t put the food down. Sometimes meds cause one to gain and that is exactly what has caused min, Doctors won’t listen they don’t always have the answers either.

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