Dr Oz: How to Use Yacon Syrup & Dr Oz’s Yacon Syrup Recommendation

By on November 4, 2013

Dr Oz: How to Use Yacon Syrup

Could yacon syrup be the weight loss game changer you have been waiting for? Dr. Oz says the research shows promise, but before everyone goes running to the store to buy it he wanted to conduct his own experiment to see how well it really works. Dr. Oz sent yacon syrup to 60 women and asked them to eat 1 teaspoon before breakfast, lunch and dinner for four weeks. He also asked them to do nothing else different with their diet and to not do any additional exercise. Here is what some of them had to say:

  • Weight loss benefits
  • More frequent bowel movements, which one woman says got to be inconvenient
  • Most found it easy to incorporate into their diet

Dr. Oz says he did not expect all of the women to love yacon syrup, but he wanted to get a good picture of what they all thought.

Dr Oz: Yacon Syrup Weight Loss Experiment Results

Dr Oz: How to Use Yacon Syrup & Dr Oz's Yacon Syrup Recommendation

Dr Oz believes yacon syrup is worth a try if you are looking for a natural replacement for sugar in your diet.

Here are the overall results of Dr. Oz’s unofficial 28-Day Yacon Syrup weight loss experiment:

  • 40 of the 60 women completed the experiment.
  • Average inches lost per person – 1.9
  • Average pounds lost per person – 2.9
  • Percentage of women who lost weight – 73%
  • Percentage of women who would recommend Yacon Syrup to others – 68%

Dr. Oz: Is Yacon Syrup Right for You?

Dr. Oz took his yacon syrup experiment one step further and asked some highly respected medical professionals what they think of yacon syrup and its ability to help with weight loss. Obesity specialist Dr. Garth Davis says the studies look promising, but he has some concerns because one study does not provide enough information.

He is also worried that people will reach for yacon syrup and look at it like a “magic pill” to help them lose weight quickly, which is the type of mentality that brought our country to such a huge obesity epidemic in the first place. Dr. Davis says he would ultimately rather see patients add more fruits and vegetables to their diet than a syrup that was manufactured from a fruit in the Andes.

Dr Oz: Medical Professionals Weigh in on Benefits of Yacon Syrup

Registered dietitian Leslie Bonci says at the end of the day, weight loss success is about finding balance. She says while yacon syrup might work great as a healthier sugar-substitute, it still comes down to doing everything else necessary to lose weight, like eating better and exercising regularly. A few other medical professionals provided Dr. Oz with their personal opinions about yacon syrup.

Dr. Michael Roizen – “Based on available data, yes it is worth trying, but keep exercising, avoiding the 5 food felons and managing stress. It is especially worth a try if you have hit a plateau.”

Dr. Lou Arrone – “The study is small, preliminary and pilot and given the incidence of adverse events that you have seen I would not be enthusiastic about the general public being told that yacon syrup is the next thing to try.”

Dr. Neal Barnard – “Yacon syrup may well help you lose weight and it appears to be safe and easy to use. It is generally worth a try.”

Dr Oz: Yacon Syrup Recommendation

Dr. Oz says says three of the six experts he spoke to would recommend trying yacon syrup, but he broke the tie and offered his personal recommendation.

Dr. Oz says he agrees with Dr. Neal Barnard and he loves that is it a natural food you can add to your diet, rather than a pill or supplement. Yacon syrup might not be everyone, but he believes if you just use it to replace your regular sugar, it is worth a try.

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Comments to Dr Oz: How to Use Yacon Syrup & Dr Oz’s Yacon Syrup Recommendation

  1. Karem COBIAN says:

    Where can I buy the yacon syrup???

  2. Sergie Kent says:

    More snake oil from Dr. OZ. Why oh why is a brilliant heart surgeon with an Ivy League MBA shilling this crap with silly junk science? Has he no ethics in his pursuit of ratings? This was an uncontrolled study for a month. All results are self-reported (in other words, we have no idea if the weights and measurements reported are accurate in the least). Meanwhile women know that if they report good results they are going to get interviewed on national TV, and even then, 20 out of 60 can’t keep taking the syrup due to the diarrhea and gas. Less than half of the women who started the trial reported “positive” results. And if true, those could easily be due to the laxative effect combined with subtle changes in diet and exercise patterns and optimistic reporting in an desire to be one of the “successful” people. Despite this, within weeks there will a 1000 ads for Dr. Oz miracle weight loss syrup on the web and somebody will be making a fortune giving millions of women literally the runs for their money.

  3. To all those people who are bad mouthing Dr. Oz for conducting his little experiment…which he never claims is scientific in any way…there was an actual clinical study in 2009 published in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition called “Yacon syrup: Beneficial effects on obesity and insulin resistance in humans”. You can read the text online at their website.

    We need a lot more info on this stuff but in my opinion it’s worth a try.

  4. Studies have shown that consuming yacon syrup every day can result in significant fat loss, and a
    lower waist circumference and BMI (body mass index) in obese girls
    that are premenopausal. Yacon can be prebiotic, meaning it is a non-digestible food.
    Non-digestible foods stimulate the growth and activity of
    the good bacteria moving into everyone’s
    intestinal tract.

    With many of these qualities, yacon may seem like a miracle food,
    nevertheless its efficacy is based on the science.
    With the highest natural method to obtain fructooligosaccharides, a sugar
    essential for digestion as well as the production of good bacterial, yacon is
    shown to help certain cases of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and various gastrointestinal illnesses.
    Yacon is not just low-glycemic – it possesses a zero rating on the GI,
    making it an excellent alternative for many who must avoid other
    sugars for health reasons. For example, cancer patients might benefit
    from switching over to yacon syrup; at the very least, they will be doing
    less problems for their bodies having its antioxidants
    along with other restorative properties.

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