Dr Oz: Hulled Barley Appetite Suppressant & How to Cook Hulled Barley


Dr Oz: Hulled Barley Appetite Suppressant

Dr. Oz says there is a new appetite suppressant in town and not only is it natural and healthy, but it could also be a game-changer to help you lose weight! Have you ever heard of hulled barley? Dr. Oz calls it nature’s “skinny sponge” because it literally soaks up your hunger and could be the key to helping you beat the battle of the bulge!

Dr Oz: How Hulled Barley Can Help You Lose Weight

Dr Oz: Hulled Barley Appetite Suppressant & How to Cook Hulled Barley

Dr Oz shared hulled barley, which is high in fiber and works to suppress your appetite and help you lose weight.



  1. says

    Hulled Barley- how much Barley you should put in each dish you eat for each meal…I’ll let you know how i’m doing on looseing weight…

  2. Spk says

    Sure would like to try hulled barley–sure am SICK of looking all over for it. I wish I knew where to buy it.

  3. Elizabeth says

    I finally found organic hulled barley at Whole foods for $2.19 a pound. I cooked it with chicken broth and it was soooo good!

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