Dr Oz Hunger Type Test & How Hugs Bring Happiness


Dr Oz: Hugs and Oxytocin

Dr. Oz and Dr. Christine Carter have been sharing ways you can improve your life with Dr. Oz’s prescription for happiness. Would you believe that yawning can make you happier? Find out how along with the importance of practicing gratitude and listening to music. Take the Hunger Type Test below, and then get Hunger Type Solutions.

Dr Oz: Recharge Your Body with Hugs

Would you take a free hug from a complete stranger if it meant the secret to your happiness? Dr. Oz asked that question of the members of his audience and he was surprised to find that 25% of them would actually turn down a hug from someone that they do not know. Christine Carter, a sociologist, says that hugs are a really great way to boost our mood and bring us happiness. She explained that when we give and receive hugs, our body releases oxytocin, which is nature’s “feel good” hormone. It brings about feelings of trust, generosity, and of course, happiness.

Dr Oz: Christine Carter 8 Hugs a Day for Happiness

Christine Carter explains that one researcher actually believes we need to give and/receive a minimum of 8 hugs per day in order to keep our oxytocin levels at the right amount so we can feel consistent happiness. The catch is that they have to be hugs that include a full embrace and even linger for a bit, like a good cuddle. How many times do you give/get a hug every day?

Dr Oz: What’s Your Hunger Type?

Hugs and Oxytocin

Dr Christine Carter says that hugs release a hormone called Oxytocin, which makes us feel good, which improves our mood and overall happiness.

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