Dr Oz: Hungry Girl Whoopie Pie Recipe & Philly Cheesesteak & Fries


Dr Oz: Hungry Girl Emotional Eating Solutions

Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien shared her favorite solutions for guilt-free emotional eating with Dr.Oz! They included frozen mac and cheese and Greek frozen yogurt that will curb your cravings with way less fat and calories than their unhealthy alternatives.

Dr Oz: Freezy Whoopie Pie Recipe

More often than not, most people reach for chocolate when they are stressed, which is not necessarily a bad thing according to Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien who says that new studies have shown dark chocolate may even lower stress hormone levels in your body. She has the solutions for your emotional sweet tooth that will taste good, put you in a better mood and provide you with less calories than what you might normally reach for in times of stress.



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