Dr Oz: Hypnosis to Lose Weight & Change Your Life in 7 Days Review


Dr Oz: Change Your Life in 7 Days Review

Dr. Oz and Peter McKenna shared some of Peter’s hypnosis techniques that are not only easy, but that can help you lose weight without dieting. By eating blindfolded and linking pleasure to exercise you can begin to take control of your life and finally lose the weight for good!

Dr Oz: Accept Yourself To Lose Weight

Dr. Oz felt that working on your self-esteem could be the most important step in your weight loss journey. A person can lose a lot of weight and begin to look better on the outside, but they need to also fix the inside in order to benefit over the long term. Peter McKenna said that so many of us start our day by looking in the mirror and telling ourselves how bad we look, from bad hair to arms that are too big. He added that if someone walked up to you and said those things, you would probably want to hit them, so why would you put yourself through it every single day?

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