Dr Oz: Jennifer Hudson Weight Watchers Diet Plan


Dr Oz: How Jennifer Hudson Got Fit

Jennifer Hudson, Oscar winner, actor and author, joined Dr Oz to tell him how she lost weight and has kept it off in a show called “How Jennifer Hudson Got Fit”. We even learned about Jennifer Hudson’s Recipes and Doctor Oz is doing a Cookbook Giveaway.  Shhhhh, she wants to give you all her secrets on what she’s eating and how she’s working out, so read on to find out how you can finally turn your resolutions into reality with the help of Weight Watchers and Jennifer Hudson’s tips.


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    i need to lose weight more than anyone. i had 7 bypasses and contune steal have hearttace.and i have dibeat and i lossing my eyesight and have more md;I NEED Dr. oz help.

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    My name is Angie Bean. I’m a 42 year old . I’ve had 7 bypasses three years ago.And I’ve never stopped having heart problems.I have diabeties and other problems. I stay in my room all the time and I have no energy. I lay here knowing I’m dying. I need your help. I’m a smoker and can’t seem to quit . I have three children and four grandchildren and want to live to see them grow up. I know the weight loss will help. I need your help Dr.Oz

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