Dr Oz: Jillian Michaels Returns to The Biggest Loser & Why She Left


Dr Oz: Jillian Michaels Dislikes Biggest Loser Contestants

Dr. Oz has an exciting show for you today, especially if you have weight loss goals for the New Year. The Biggest Loser Secrets to help you Lose Weight will get you motivated to focus on getting healthy right now. Doctor Oz has all of the trainers and some of biggest winners from The Biggest Loser on his show today they are ready to tell you the secrets of their success.

Dr Oz: Jillian Michaels – Why The Biggest Loser is Popular

Jillian Michaels says that she believes The Biggest Loser television show is so popular because viewers are able to live vicariously through the contestants. They can watch as the contestants struggle to get healthy and lose weight and can begin to believe that they can do it, too.

Dr Oz: Jillian Michaels Biggest Loser Contestant Challenges

Dr Oz: Jillian Michaels Returns to The Biggest Loser & Why She Left

Dr Oz has The Biggest Loser’s Secrets to Lose Weight with trainer Jillian Michaels. He asked Jillian why she left the show & why she decided to return.

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