Dr Oz: Kale Cures Migraines? Dr Joel Fuhrman’s Super Immunity Results

By on September 18, 2012

Dr Oz: Dr Joel Fuhrman

Dr Oz’s guest was Dr Joel Fuhrman, author of Super Immunity, whose revolutionary ideas about dieting and healthcare have gotten him legions of fans who call themselves Fuhrmanites. Could it be possible that food like Kale cures migraines or lowers your blood pressure? Would you try it?

Fuhrmanites: Adrienne’s Health Crisis

Dr Oz: Kale Cures Migraines? Dr Joel Fuhrman's Super Immunity Results

Dr Oz met some of Dr Joel Fuhrman’s success stories, who said that food like Kale cures migraines, spurs weight loss and other health goals.

Adrienne admitted that her health was out of control, with high blood pressure and sleep apnea. She was taking multiple medications to manage her symptoms. Within weeks of her first appointment, Adrienne said that she was feeling better.

These days, she has slimmed down and feels in control. She’s even teaching her niece what worked for her.

Fuhrmanites: Sarah’s Migraines

Sarah had migraines for her whole life. She also was struggling to find relief through medications. She said after she learned about Dr Fuhrman’s ideas through his website, implementing the changes to her diet made her headaches vanish. She wants to share her life-changing story with others.

The women joined Dr Oz and Dr Fuhrman in the studio to talk about their experiences. Adrienne said she went home after her first appointment and cleaned out her kitchen, restocking it with healthier foods. In one month, she lost 26 pounds and felt much better, even though she still had many pounds to lose.

Dr Oz: Weight Loss & Healthy Eating

“All along, I thought it was my weight that made me feel bad, that made me feel exhausted, that gave me headaches…, but ultimately, once I changed what I ate, it changed how I felt, within literally a matter of weeks,” she explained.

Dr Oz said the takeaway from her story is that weight loss can end up being a byproduct of making healthier diet changes. Dr Fuhrman said that weight and health are intertwined, and therapeutic foods also happen to spur weight loss and replace your cravings with healthier foods.

Dr Oz: Kale Cures Migraines?

Sarah talked about getting started with Dr Fuhrman’s plan to fight her migraines. She had read that 80-90% of Migraine patients have reported success with the plan. She swapped her junk food for Kale and learned to love the veggie. After a month, she acquired a taste for healthy ingredients.

She said she never imagined that changing her diet would make her Migraines go away.

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  2. alejandra cavanillas says:

    I’ve suffered from migraines for 45 + years and tried all kinds of drugs, diets, botox, natural medicine and make a lot of changes to my diet. I don’t think Kale is the answer for people who really suffers with chronic migraines. I had the Transforma Procedure trial a couple of weeks ago… it was the first time I have been migraine free in more than 30 years….NO PAIN for the 5 days of the trial Is a combined occipital and supraorbital neurostimulation that you controls through a remote control that has several programs designed just for you… Sufferers need to know that there is something new that could really help them and be drug free and with all the side effects that this has… The website is http://www.chronicmigrainehelp.com. I’m scheduled for the permanent procedure 9/21. I can’t wait! …because I had the trial and I know that for me is the last resource

  3. Fertilizer made from poultry waste can contain arsenic. They fertilize the rice with chicken waste. They put arsenic in chicken feed to uncrease growth in chickens. Thus their waste contains arsenic and is used to fertilize rice.

    Sarah in the above article was probably having migraines from an additive in the processed food she was eating. When she changed to Dr. Fuhrman’s program, eating highly nutritious, whole foods, she avoided the allergins causing her headaches.

  4. Does that mean the chicken we eat has arsenic in it too?

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