Dr Oz: Kashi Pizza, Blake’s Chicken Pot Pie & Amy’s Light Lasagna

By on February 24, 2012

Dr Oz: 5 Guilt-Free Comfort Foods at the Supermarket

Dr Oz spoke about the dangers lurking at your supermarket, and how to avoid them like by using a Vinegar Water Produce Wash Solution, but what about the pre-made food at the grocery?  I love comfort food, but what I don’t love is the fat and calories. Immediately after consuming my favorite mac n’ cheese, I feel guilty. Well, not anymore! With the help of Dietician, Heidi Skolnik, Doctor Oz showed you which comfort foods you can indulge in without the fat, the calories and, most importantly, the guilt.

Dr Oz sent Heidi to several supermarkets to find the best (and healthiest) comfort foods. What did she find? Check it out below.  Also, don’t forget to read about the past segments that Dr Oz did on healthy grocery finds like: Dr Praegers Veggie Burger & Julie’s Organic Ice Cream SandwichesLucy’s Cookies & Dark Chocolate Chili Peppers, and Trader Joe Blueberry Oatmeal.

Dr Oz: Kashi Thin Crust Mushroom Pizza Review

Kashi Thin Crust Mushroom Pizza has only 9 g fat and 250 calories per serving.

Dr Oz Kashi Pizza

Dr Oz said Kashi's Thin Crust Pizza is a healthy option at the grocery store.

The crust is whole-grain, which will help fill you up. The serving is not too large so therefore Heidi suggested adding a side salad and maybe some fruit for dessert. Dr Oz spoke about Kashi Pizza on previous shows too!

Dr Oz: Annie’s Homegrown Deluxe Shells & Real Aged Wisconsin Cheddar Review

C’mon, who doesn’t love macaroni and cheese? This mac n’ cheese doesn’t use real butter, which cuts the fat but not the taste. It also uses low-fat yogurt and skim milk so you still get the creaminess without the calories.  Other Annie’s products, like Annie’s Organic Buttermilk Dressing, made it onto Dr Oz’s 99 Diet Foods List.

Dr Oz: Amy’s Light & Lean Spinach Lasagna Review

Amy’s Light & Lean Spinach Lasagna contains only 250 calories and has 5 g of fat, which is 2/3 less than traditional lasagna. Doctor Oz had an audience member try it and she loved it. (No surprise there!) Heidi suggested eating this as a snack. (Really?) For most women, a snack is 150-300 calories. This lasagna has only 250 calories per serving. Skip the candy bar and grab some lasagna for your afternoon pick me up.

Dr Oz: Blake’s Chicken Pot Pie Review

This is another goodie for those that love hearty comfort foods. Blake’s Chicken Pot Pie has only 340 calories and 17 g of fat per serving. A traditional pot pie can have as much as 33 g of fat.

Dr Oz: Ore Ida Steamed n’ Mash Cut Russet Potatoes Review

Unlike fried potatoes, Ore Ida Steamed n’ Mash Cut Russet Potatoes contains 0 g of fat. (Yes, you read correctly!) Plus, it only has 70 calories per serving. Dr Oz gave some to an audience member who gave it two thumbs up!

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  1. im enjoy about supermarket quilt —–free all comfort food——-thank you doctor oz

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