Dr Oz: Kola Nut Drink Infusion, Happy Hunger Chews & Soothing Seeds


Dr Oz: Montel Williams Emotional Eating Plan

Montel’s Emotional Eating filled the void brought on by the pain of sadness. Doctor Oz says this happens to many Americans, so on today’s show, he revealed the emotions that make us eat, which included boredom, anger, stress and sadness. Montel gave solutions to combat these emotions to stop the overeating.

Dr Oz: Montel's Emotional Eating Plan

Dr Oz spoke about Montel's Emotional Eating Plan to help those of us who eat to soothe ourselves.

Dr Oz: Never-Be-Bored Kola Nut Infusion

Nearly half of those surveyed on the Doctor Oz website said that boredom was one reason they overate. To combat this, Montel revealed his Never-Be-Bored Kola Nut Infusion. Montel says he mixes a few drops of the extract into drinks or you can take it straight. (Doctor Oz tasted it straight and didn’t like it very much.) You can also put a few drops onto fruit, like a slice of watermelon. (Dr Oz preferred it this way.) Montel said he takes this every day.

Dr Oz: Soothing Seed Combo

When you get angry, you get fired up. Montel suggested his Soothing Seed Combo, which is a combination of hemp seeds and chia seeds. Hemp contains high levels of protein and burns fat. He got the idea of chia, which is also protein laden, from Dr Oz. You can eat the seeds over a salad or mix it in drinks.

Dr Oz: Chilled Chocolate Goji Berry Blast

Stress, another common reason for overeating, causes bloated bellies. (And who wants that?) Mix 3 Tbsp of raw chocolate with 4 Tbsp of ground goji berries. Add in 1 can coconut water. (Montel suggested drinking coconut water twice a date to fight wrinkles.)

Dr Oz: Happy Hunger Chews

To combat sadness, Montel suggested Happy Hunger Chews, which contains saffron to help raise the serotonin levels in the body. Montel said he believed in this product so much, he decided to become the spokes person for it. Take 2 Happy Hunger Chews a day.


  1. Helmut Diebold says

    on todays show you mentioned happy hunger chews. I could not find any place that sells them. can you please let me know where i can get them? Also does any one in Canada carry them?

  2. Britt says

    You can get the Re-Body Hunger Chews from GNC or online from most supplement and vitamin websites(vitaminshoppe.com, drugstore.com, etc).

  3. carol says

    i have tried to order in canada online and am always redirected to a u.s. site with big shipping charges. any advice ? also i am in saskatchewan canada anyone know of a store near regina where i can actually BUY them??

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