Dr Oz: Konjac Root, Fenugreek Tea & L-Arginine Metabolism Boosters

By on January 6, 2012

Dr Oz: Pituitary Gland & Weight Gain

Dr Oz did a show today with a Metabolism Plan to help all of us lose weight this year!  The pituitary gland is the reason for some of your biggest body complaints. In this segment, Dr Oz brought up Renee, an audience member, who stated that she has been trying to lose weight for several years. Doctor Oz had her put on the gloves and showed her pituitary gland, which is this teenie tiny pin-like gland located in the middle of the brain and produces the growth hormone, which some have called, “The Fountain of Youth.” Dr Oz says if you don’t have enough growth hormone, “bad stuff happens.” Lack of growth hormone changes the way your body collects fat (you store more fat) and your skin may lose elasticity, which brings on crow’s feet. You may also lose muscle mass, which gives you those horrendous bat wings under your arms.

When you’re young, you get a surge of the growth hormone. Dr Oz Konjac Root At the age of 30, it slowly decreases and continues to decrease for the rest of your life. (Wow, that sucks! Reason #23,453 to hate getting older!) In order to slow down the decrease, you need to get it back in the optimal range. One way is the growth hormone injection, but Dr Oz is not a big advocate of this procedure.

Dr Oz: Fenugreek Tea

-Fenugreek tea herbs- you can purchase this item in health food stores.

Dr Oz: L-Arginine

-L-Arginine supplement- Take 2 grams 3Xs per day

-Sleep- use a sleep mask to block out light.

Dr Oz: Konjac Root Diet

Bonus Tip: To help you lose weight and look and feel younger, take 1 gram of konjac root an hour before you eat. It will keep you fuller for longer.

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  1. Is Fenugreek 610 mg as helpful as Fenugreek tea?/

  2. Is fenugreek 610mg supplement as helpful as fenugreek tea?

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