Dr Oz: Laxative Abuse Causes Intestinal Damage and Unsafe Weight Loss


Dr Oz: Dangers Of Laxative Use

Dr. Oz was stunned at the realization that many women are turning to laxatives as a way to lose weight. Today he is revealing the “Hidden Dangers of Laxative Abuse” and what you need to know about the risks they pose to your health.

Dr Oz: Laxative Abuse Causes Intestinal Damage

Dr. Oz introduced a woman who used laxatives in order to lose weight. She did not just use them to lose a few pounds, she used them to lose nearly 200 pounds because she went from weighing 260 pounds to weighing just 78 pounds. Shana explained to Dr. Oz that she used them very little at first, but then realized that using more laxatives could help her lose a greater amount of weight, so she kept on taking them and at one point she went from weighing 130 pounds to weighing just 80 pounds. She said that she has tried to cut back on the amount she was taking, which is currently around 30-40 pills per day, but it always left her bloated and in a lot of pain. Dr. Oz explained that this is because laxatives can do a great deal of damage to a person’s intestines.

Dr Oz: Stimulant Laxatives Most Powerful

To give everyone a better understanding, Dr. Oz explained the various types of laxatives and their intensity levels. What might be most frightening is that they are considered safe and innocent because they can be purchased right on the shelves of your local grocery store.


  1. Sarah Bronte Eckstein says

    I have just left the hospital after 6 days for a sudden and terrifying body system shut-down. It was finally traced after 3 days to scar tissue in my small intestine left from a hurried and clumsy C-section 40 years ago! After violently vomiting black bile for hours I entered emergency to be fitted with a nasal gastric bypass tube (beyond horrible). As the days passed while the green bile from my stomach shot by my eyes, I was overwhelmed with fear as my body seemed to be destroying itself. I took my 1st solid food in over a week last night at my 89 year old mother’s Birthday

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