Dr Oz: Lipo In A Box, Rago Longline Bra & Flexees Easy Up Unitard

By on February 15, 2012

Dr Oz: Shapewear Takes Off 20 Pounds

Doctor Oz has been talking about Shapewear a lot recently (checkout this segment where he also spoke about Ch’Arms Shapewear for your arms).  Today he spoke about Lipo-In-A-Box, Rago Thigh Shaper and Bra and a Flexees Unitard.  We all have body issues we try to hide. On today’s show, Dr Oz was joined by Janie Bryant, Emmy winning Costume Designer for the hit show “Mad Men,” which is a hit cable drama set in the 1960s world of Madison Avenue advertising agencies.

Dr Oz noted that women today are 25 lbs heavier than in the 60s.

Dr Oz Rago Longline Thigh Slimmer

Dr Oz spoke about amazing shapewear like Lipo In A Box, Rago Longline Thigh Slimmer & Bra, and Flexees Unitard.

Undergarments in earlier times were designed to give you that hourglass shape. Janie stated that the modern products can do this also. Modern undergarments can shape up your belly, butt, and other parts of your body. Every woman can become beautiful, not just Hollywood stars.

Dr Oz: Rago Longline Bra & Thigh Slimmer Review

Nicole, an audience member, stated she had issues with her hips and butt. Nicole had a pear figure, where she held weight in the hips, making her body look unbalanced.

Rago Longline Bra.  This product lifts and holds in the upper body. Get this product online (I found their products at the following link: Rago Shapewear) or at a lingerie store for $41.

Rago Thigh Slimmer. The thigh slimmer helps to create a smooth hip and turns a pear figure into an hourglass. Purchase this product online (I found their products at the following link: Rago Shapewear or llok for it in lingerie stores for $44.

Nicole came out wearing the shapewear under a knit dress. She told Dr Oz that she felt fabulous and attractive in the undergarments. Knit dresses can be hard to wear, but with the shapewear, your body can look smooth instead of lumpy and bumpy. Dr Oz also noticed that Nicole carried herself more confidently wearing the undergarments.

Dr Oz: Flexees Easy Up Unitard Review

Elizabeth, another audience member, told Dr Oz that she hated her belly in clothes. Janie referred to this as an apple shape. Having a larger belly can make you feel uncomfortable and self-conscious in clothes.

Flexees Easy Up Unitard. This undergarment creates a smooth, beautiful line. When Elizabeth came out in the garment, she told Dr Oz that she felt great in it. It also helped her posture and her back felt better. Purchase this product online for $44. I found this line of products at the following link: Flexees Easy Up

Dr Oz: Lipo-In-A-Box Review

Stacey, the last audience member, stated that she needed an undergarment for her entire body.

Lipo-in-a-Box Shapewear. This product shapes, firms, and smooths you all over. Stacey came out and she looked good in her dress. (They added a belt to give her more of a waist.) She said she felt fantastic and it was comfortable. You can purchase this product online at the following link: Lipo in a Box.

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Comments to Dr Oz: Lipo In A Box, Rago Longline Bra & Flexees Easy Up Unitard

  1. I love your show and often use the material. Today you had the body figures of 3 helped with the shape wear. However I cannot find sizes for me. I am large busted, thick middle (like football player, small hips waist larger than my hips. I am also short-waisted. I would like to find someone to work with me who has access to undergarments. I live in Wichita KS but most of the regular stores carry smaller sizes and the larger ladies clothing does not fit me.
    Thank you

  2. Kathleen … and anyone having sizing problems … contact Connie Elder International, maker of the Lipo In A Box shapewear featured on Dr. Oz. They have LOTS of styles and they will work with you to find the perfect solution PLUS they have gorgeous bras in sizes to 48G! (Go2 Bras by Lipo in a Box)

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