Dr Oz: Lose A Pound A Week with Old Cookbooks & Goat Cheese Salad


Dr Oz did a segment called Lose a Pound a Week.  Doctor Oz said that if you just cut 500 calories out of your diet every day, you will lose one pound in a week.  It is easy to cut out a pound if you know what you are doing.  Here are some surprising places to shave calories from your diet.  For more healthy diet recipes, click here: Recipes For Diets.

Dr Oz: Lose a Pound a Week

1. Lose a Pound a Week with Goat Cheese Salad

Dr Oz asked whether you should eat salad with goat cheese or salad with avocado, walnuts and Dr Oz How to Lose a Pound a Weekdried cranberries to lose a pound in a week.  Dr Oz said that salad with goat cheese is better because you save 250 calories.  Dr Oz loves avocados, walnuts and cranberries, but when you put them all together it is a lot of calories – so just pick one topping for on your salad.

2.  Lose a Pound a Week with Old Cookbooks

Dr Oz said that by cooking a recipe from your oldest cookbook, a study at Cornell found that older cookbooks have smaller portions and less calories per serving.

3.  Lose a Pound a Week By Avoiding Family Style Meals

Dr Oz asked if it is better to eat your meals family style or without serving platters on the table.  The answer is that usually, if it is on the table, you will eat more.  So, family style meals are a problem because the food is in front of you.  You can easily reach out and have seconds or thirds.  You can reduce your calories by up to 500 calories per meal and you won’t even know it!

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