Dr Oz: Lose It! App, Portion Control Brownie Pan & Dreamfields Pasta

By on May 29, 2012

Dr Oz: Weight Loss Kitchen Gadgets

For years, Doctor Oz has been giving you advice on how to lose weight. On today’s show, he is joined by his viewers who have their own tips on how to shed the pounds. Find out their secrets to weight loss success. Could they work for you too?  There were great kitchen gadgets like the Portion Control Brownie Pan and the Portion Control Ultimate Oil Brush.  Plus, Dreamsfields Pasta seems to get the thumbs up from Dr Oz, and who can resist an iPhone App?  The Lose It! App was highly recommended by one of Dr Oz’s viewers (read more below).  And if you are trying to lose weight, you should checkout The Vitamin D Diet that Dr Oz spoke about earlier on this show.

Dr Oz: Dreamsfields Pasta, Lose It! App & Portion Control Brownie Pan

Dr Oz spoke about weight loss gadgets like the Lose It! App, a Portion Control Brownie Pan & Dreamsfield Pasta.

Dr Oz: Portion Control Brownie Pan Review

Katherine, an audience member, used to weigh 248 lbs. She is now 136 lbs. She told Dr Oz that she loved baking, so her weight loss secret was the Portion Control Brownie Pan. This pan creates brownies (or rice krispy treats) all the same size. For 1 brownie, it’s only 105 calories. Katherine says she saves the calories and eats her brownie in the evenings.

Dr Oz: Ultimate Oil Brush Review

Laura, an audience member, weighed 160 lbs. Now Laura weighs 128 lbs and lost the weight in less than 4 months. Her secret: the Portion Control Ultimate Oil Brush allows you to squeeze out the perfect amount of oil into the pan so you don’t use too much in your dishes.

Dr Oz: Dreamfields Pasta Review

Married couple, Dean and Melanie, lost 85 lbs. combined. When they got married, they started gaining weight. Melanie was tired of the weight and started her weight loss program. Dean jumped right in. Their secret was Dreamfields pasta. This pasta tastes just like regular pasta but contained double the fiber. Look for the black box at your grocers.

Dr Oz: Lose It! App for iPhone & Android

Wendy, an audience member, used to weigh 239 lbs. Now Wendy weighs a slim 164 lbs. She tried everything she could to lose the weight but nothing worked. She started tracking her progress with the Lose It! App. Today, she has more energy and feels great. She kept track of all her calories by going through each step on her smartphone. Bonus: It’s free! Dr Oz says this is a great tool to help reinforce what you’re already doing.

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  1. Camie Starr says:

    Got the recipe for Chocolate Berry Parfait but where is the recipe for the 105 calorie brownies using applesauce for a sweetener?

    Camie Starr

  2. Ellie Abrams says:

    can’t find the recipe for the 105 calorie chocolate brownie!


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