Dr Oz: Lose Weight to Change your Life & B Vitamin Complex Review

By on December 13, 2012

Dr Oz: B Vitamins Increase Energy

Dr. Oz is on a mission to change lives and this hour was proof that he has been successful. In the biggest lifesaving hour of his show’s history, Dr. Oz armed you with all of the information you need to protect yourself from disease like colon cancer and stroke. He stressed the need for women to recognize heart attack symptoms because they differ greatly from that of a man.

Dr Oz: Lose Weight to Change Your Life

While it may sound simple, Dr. Oz firmly believes that if you change your weight you can change and improve your life. A viewer named Jennifer said that her weight got out of control after the sudden death of her young daughter. She admitted that she ate nearly constantly and began to realize that she was killing herself with food.

Her husband was concerned and begged her to watch Dr. Oz’s show with him, so that she could hear his advice and to help her get healthy. Jennifer wanted nothing to do with Dr. Oz or his show, but she finally agreed to watch the show and follow his advice on how to eat better and exercise more. She has since lost 130 pounds and looks and feels wonderful.

Dr Oz: Steps To Transform Your Life

B Vitamins Increase Energy

Dr Oz welcomed a viewer who lost 130 pounds by following the advice on his show. One of the steps she took was taking a supplement of B Vitamins every day to help increase her energy.

The number one question people often ask is how someone had huge success, as in the case of Jennifer. Dr. Oz said that they want specific steps as to how to achieve their goals, so he and Jennifer shared how she lost so much weight, step-by-step.

Supplements: Jennifer said that she was looking for supplements to help with her energy level, so she started taking two that have helped her with that goal and she still takes them both every day.

  • B Complex Vitamin
  • Magnesium – 400 MG

Add High Fiber “Mini” Meals – Jennifer explained that she added these smaller meals to help keep her satisfied in between regular meals.

  • High-Fiber breakfast bar & fresh fruit
  • Vegetables & Wasabi Peas
  • Trail Mix: Roasted soybeans, almonds, walnuts, & dried fruit

Dr Oz: Realizing you are Worth it

Dr. Oz said that this is something so many women struggle with, just like Jennifer. Women are often more concerned with the needs of everyone else and Jennifer said it is an ongoing challenge that she faces, but she is getting better at making herself a priority because she is worth it.

Dr Oz: Dr Oz’s Transformation Nation

Dr. Oz challenged his viewers and fans to change their life and over 1.2 million responded by improving their health and losing over 3 million pounds.

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