Dr Oz: Low Impact Carbs, Artificial Sweeteners & Why To Sleep Naked


Dr Oz: Sleep Naked to Rebuild Skin & Muscle Cells

So often we believe that if we just eat fewer calories and exercise more, we will lose weight. Sometimes, though, there is something secretly working to sabotage our efforts. Dr. Oz says that a hormonal imbalance could be to blame for your body holding on to extra fat and stopping you from losing weight. Today he has the answers to Melt Your Fat Fast! How to Reset Your Secret Fat Loss Hormones. Dr. Natasha Turner joined Doctor Oz and together they outlined the ways you can reset your hormones and start feeling healthier and lose weight faster. It is as simple as making some key changes to the foods you eat and when you eat them that will balance out your hormones and lead to easy weight loss, according to Dr. Turner.

Dr Oz: Why To Sleep Naked & Lose Weight While You Sleep

Dr. Natasha Turner says the #1 thing you can do at night to burn away fat is to sleep naked. The reason that sleeping naked helps you to lose weight is that it encourage the body to cool down. When the body cools down while you sleep it encourages the release of hormones that rebuild skin cells, muscle cells, and your bone cells while you sleep, which will increase weight loss. Wearing tight pajamas or covering up with heavy blankets will prevent those hormones from releasing, which will prevent important fat burning from occurring while you are sleeping.

Dr Oz: Artificial Sweeteners Raise Insulin

Dr Oz: Low Impact Carbs, Artificial Sweeteners & Why To Sleep Naked

Dr. Natasha Turner that some people are sensitive to carbs, so even healthy ones can cause hormonal imbalance and weight gain.


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