Dr Oz: Low Sodium Salt Substitutes + Lemon Gremolata Recipe


Dr Oz: Low-Sodium Salt Substitute

While discussing hidden sodium, or Salt Bombs, in the American diet, Dr Jennifer Caudle shared her Salt Eater’s Guide to Reducing the Salt in your diet. She wanted to take a minute to look closer at low-sodium salt. It sounds too good to be true, but they could actually be a great idea for those looking to still benefit from the flavor of added salt, without all the harmful side effects. Essentially, low-sodium salt lowers the amount of sodium you use while adding more potassium. The best option, of course, is to eliminate salt all-together, but this could be a great idea for some.

Dr Oz: Low-Salt Salt with Potassium

Of course, first talk to your doctor to be sure it’s okay for you to intake more potassium because for those with heart problems or kidney problems, high levels of potassium could be dangerous.  But Dr. Oz has even better Salt Substitutes like smoked paprika (for smoky lovers), cayenne pepper (for spicy lovers) and an out-of-this world Italian Lemon Gremolata Recipe (for acidic lovers), on the next page…


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