Dr Oz: Magnesium Foods on Magnesium Grocery Shopping List for Energy


Dr Oz: Magnesium Shopping List

Dr Oz talked with viewers across the country, who said they are always running low on energy to get to the bottom of the #1 Reason You’re Exhausted. He discovered that 75% of Americans have a Magnesium Deficiency, and added that you can’t get the dosage you need from a multivitamin. So what foods should you be eating? Check out Dr Oz’s Magnesium Grocery List.


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    Dr. Oz is correct…most of us are magnesium deficient but taking a magnesium supplement like the powdered Natural Calm or using magnesium oil is an excellent way to get sufficient amounts of this important mineral. I have been taking it for years to normalize a heart arrhythmia and it has really been a miracle. This was on the advice of Dr. Stephen Sinatra.

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