Dr Oz: Maitake Mushroom Extract, Sage Leaf Tea & Alpha Lipoic Acid

By on February 17, 2012

Dr Oz: All Natural Weight Loss Aids

You’ve been dieting and exercising but still can’t seem to shed those last few pounds.  Doctor Oz recently spoke about the merits of Raspberry Ketones, but are there other things we should also be trying? On today’s show, Dr Oz gives you the best all natural weight loss aids to add to every meal in order to drop the pounds such as Maitake Mushroom Extract, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Sage Leaf Tea, and Glucomannan. You should also check out his healthy snack recipes from this show at the following links: Mini Pizza Pockets Recipe and No Bake Chocolate Truffles!

One audience member told Dr Oz that she was 13 lbs away from her weight loss goal. She is a stay-at-home mom in her 30s and found it more difficult to lose weight than when she was in her 20s. She struggles every day to get rid of the weight and would like help. In her 20s, she relied on dietary pills, but they didn’t work and came with side effects. Today, she preferred more natural ways to lose weight.

Dr Oz Sage Leaf Tea

During breakfast, Doctor Oz says you need a metabolism booster.

Dr Oz Maitake Mushroom Extract

Dr Oz suggested Maitake Mushroom Extract & Sage Leaf Tea to help you lose weight.

Try 1 cup of sage leaf tea with your normal breakfast. Have the tea within an hour of waking up.

Dr Oz Alpha Lipoic Acid

During lunch, look to burn off fat with 200 mg of Alpha Lipoic Acid. This natural weight loss aid reduces inflammation in fat cells. When fat cells are relaxed, they let go of that fat.

Dr Oz Maitake Mushrooms

Eat Maitake Mushrooms, or at least Maitake Mushroom Extract, as a snack to kill cravings. This product comes in droplet form. Use 10-20 drops directly onto your snack. This product is used for medicinal purposes to adjust sugar levels. For best results, have this around snack time.

Dr Oz: Glucomannan

A half hour before dinnertime, drink ½ tsp of Glucomannan in at least 8 oz of water. (If you don’t have enough water, it will be sludgy.) You can also add Glucomannan to soups, salads and on top of food you’re already eating.

Trying to lose a few pounds? Would you try any of these products? Leave me a message and let me know.

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Comments to Dr Oz: Maitake Mushroom Extract, Sage Leaf Tea & Alpha Lipoic Acid

  1. There is information available about what foods are not good if you have concerns about breast cancer. One of them is Sage tea. Also included in that list is peanut butter and lima beans. Be careful what you do.

  2. lorraine margo says:

    i will certainly try these for my problem to belly fat i do not use sugar at all i don no use salt at all for the last 25 years , and i only eat all grain breads and plain yougurts i never have been a junck food eater. i use a abtronic for tightening my muscles , plus i do have chronck copd. what else can i do ??????
    please help me..

  3. I purchased all of these products today and look forward to losing 20-lbs. with the tips Dr. Oz has provided this week. I found the information to be useful and easy to follow.

  4. I am a breast cancer survivor. Should I stay away from Sage Leaf Tea? And is peanut butter bad for me, too? Note the comment stating this above of 2/17/12/

  5. Green tea, ALA, Cinnamon,

  6. Im getting started first thing tomorro morning

  7. i would really want to try the glucomannan, i went to the health store to buy the SAGE LEAF TEA but they did not have it in tea bags, they only have the SAGE LEAF is it ok for me to drink ? i really want to lost my belly fat

  8. I use regular ground safe; put it in a tea ball. It all the same as safe leaf tea!

  9. This stuff is very expensive.

  10. I missed the full episode of this, i only caught the end. What were some of the tips while taking these supliments? Do you have to exercise? Calorie count? etc

  11. Thanks Lin !!!

  12. Things like this are more affordable in Puritan’s Pride. Ordered 2 get 3 free (200mg 100 caps) for $25!

  13. Mary Perez says:

    what was the brand of maitake mushroom extract, and where can i buy it?

  14. I live on las vegas where i can buy all those products?

  15. I lost 60 pounds eating naturally and whole foods. It is amazing how much food you can eat when you aren’t eating processed food.

  16. I watched the re run of this episode last week and have purchased all the supplements. I also made the 5 layer belly busting dessert and it is delicious. It is filling and I only eat 1/2 cup. Really good!! I am looking forward to adding these to my regimen. I eat a low carb/fat meal plan and exercise with interval walking on my treadmill. I have lost 15 pounds and am looking forward to losing another 50.

  17. Does anyone know if you can substitute pills for the liquids ( Maitake Mushrooms, Sage Leaf Tea, and Glucomannan) and have the same results?

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