Dr Oz: Medicine That Makes You Gain Weight


Dr Oz: Drugs That Cause You To Gain Weight

Dr Oz spoke about a new miracle weight loss pill called Qnexa, but if you are still having trouble shedding those last few pounds, it may not be your diet and exercise. The everyday pills you take may be the culprit. Find out the 4 pills that may be secretly packing on the pounds.


  1. MMK says

    If ONE antidepressant (SSRIs) makes one gain 25 pounds… I take 3 kinds of SSRIs… does that make me gain 75 POUNDS????

  2. James says

    I believe I understand why Dr. Oz cannot say the medication that makes a diabetic possibly could gain weight while using it, but it really doesn’t help a member’s health unless you know the medication that is causing it !!!!!! I am sure this is just a legal thing but Dr. Oz,, honestly, it doesn’t help if you don’t identify it. it’s like telling me food makes me fat,,,which food ? which combination ? Sorry….

  3. Mary Dell Sharp says

    Yes to weight gain also cholesterol meds I have put on 100 lbs due to all the meds I take daily I looked them up individualy on the net and there it was each one worth minimum of 3 lbs per month per pill I take around 11 pills three daily for Cholesterol

    This needs to stop I hate gaining weight and am not having a nice time as I do it.

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