Dr Oz Metabolic Rate Calculator & 7 Day Miracle Plan Metabolism Boost

By on June 22, 2012

Dr Oz: 7 Day Miracle Plan to Boost Metabolism

Want to know how to lose weight without dieting? Doctor Oz says that with his 7 Day Miracle Plan to Boost Metabolism, you should never be hungry. You can actually jumpstart your weight loss in just 7 days. With this plan, you can say goodbye to your slow metabolism for good!  Plus, you have to checkout the Dr Oz Metabolic Rate Calculator!

Dr Oz Metabolic Rate Calculator & 7 Day Miracle Plan Metabolism Boost

Dr Oz's Metabolic Rate Calculator & his 7 Day Miracle Plan will give your metabolism a real boost!

Dr Oz went to Grand Central Terminal in New York City to show people how to get their metabolism on track. When you’re younger, you have more muscle mass, which gives off energy so you don’t gain weight. As you age, you have to work harder to lose or even maintain your weight. (Reason #498 to hate getting older!) After the age of 40, your metabolism slows down even more, making it even more difficult to lose weight. Eventually, you’ll find that you gain the weight but can’t lose it.

Dr Oz gathered 7 women from Grand Central Terminal with different metabolisms. Each woman was frustrated with her weight, but Dr Oz had a plan for them. He took the women back to the studio to reveal the miracle plan that could change their lives forever.

Dr Oz: Metabolic Rate Calculator

Lisa, an audience member, said as her age increased, so did her weight. (Raise your hand if you know what she’s talking about!) Dr Oz says on day 1, you should check your metabolic rate with a special calculator found here.  Leave a comment below with the metabolic rate that the Dr Oz Metabolic Rate Calculator gives you! Lisa headed to the Truth Tube to check out her metabolic rate. She was 44, 5‘ 6” and weighed 173 pounds. She told Doctor Oz she walked everyday for 45 minutes, which put her at the moderate activity level. When Dr Oz put in her numbers, he found out that Lisa burns 2255 calories every day. That means she can eat that many calories before gaining weight. Doctor Oz said if she was still gaining weight, something else was going on. (Translation: she was not telling the complete truth about her weight or activity level.)

Day 2: Cut 100 Calories a Day

Minnie, an audience member, said that if she was at her dream weight she would have the confidence to do anything. Dr Oz says that sometimes we diet hard but not smart. If you eat way fewer calories than your body needs, your body goes into starvation mode, which slows down metabolism. Soon, you’re dieting and not losing weight. The best way to diet effectively is to cut 100 calories per day. Minnie loved sweets and usually ate them in the evenings. Dr Oz says if you cut out just 3 Tbsps of the ice cream, you’ll trick your body and lose the weight.

Day 3: Add Protein

Lindsay, an audience member, worked in a fitness facility, where she said there were nothing but gorgeous people working out. Dr Oz said her biggest issue was to get comfortable in burning off the foods she ate. Protein will burn twice as many calories than carbs. One of the best sources of protein is fish because of the omega 3 fats, which increase fat burning enzymes. For maximum effect, eat two fish meals per week.

Day 4: Eat Every 3 Hours

Ellen, an audience member, said she skipped breakfast and was waiting until lunch. (Dr Oz Fans know this method is completely wrong!)

6-8 a.m.: Eat breakfast immediately after waking up to rev up metabolism
10 a.m.: Snack (even if you’re not hungry)
12-2 p.m.: Lunch
3-5 p.m.: Snack
5-7 p.m.: Dinner

Don’t eat after 8 p.m. which for some people is the most difficult part!

Dr Oz’s Metabolism Booster Snack

Combine a handful of pistachios with a handful of apricots. It’s visually appealing and the apricot contains fiber to help you feel satiated. This snack is easy to carry around so you can eat it anywhere and anytime. As you eat this snack, you’ll find that you’re eating less at your main meals without even realizing it.

Don’t skip your snacks. Research has shown that people who snack on 250 calories three times per day eat less at regular meals and have higher metabolic rates.

Day 5: Drink 3 Iced Drinks a Day

Robin, an audience member, has 4 kids. She had to run after them all day long. She wanted to be a good example for her children—especially her girls—when it came to eating and body image. Dr Oz says to drink 3 iced drinks per day. The ice forces the body to re-warm itself, which burns energy. Just by icing your drinks and doing nothing else, you burn a pound a year.

Dr Oz: Zinc Controls Overeating

Joyce, an audience member, has 2 kids and wanted to be around for them. Zinc controls leptin, which tells your body when you’re full. This leptin level is dependent on the zinc. Take 15 mg per day. (It can also be part of a multivitamin.)

Dr Oz & Patricia from Dancing with the Stars

Patricia, an audience member, was a teacher and ran after kids all the time. She walked on her job and did ballroom dancing. Dr Oz hit the lights and had a quick ballroom session with Patricia. (Who needs Dancing with the Stars?)

Dr Oz says when you dance, you burn more calories than just walking because of the burst of energy you’re using. If you enjoy walking, try going up a hill for a quick burst of energy.

Another exercise is standing up out of your chair…but without using your hands. (Oh c’mon, you knew there was a catch!) This simple activity works your quads and butt. It turns the muscles on and burns calories.

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Comments to Dr Oz Metabolic Rate Calculator & 7 Day Miracle Plan Metabolism Boost

  1. I so enjoy your show. It always interest me and gives me a late afternoon push to not give up. To date I haven’t had any luck with weight loss or even feeling any better but I shall press onward and continue to listen, watch and learn. I eagerly await my time to shine and I congratulate those members of your audience that are in that element now.

  2. I missed the second product to raise matebolism. The other two were: 1. White Bean, 3. Hot peppers. It was L something, but not sure which.

  3. Leanne Kilmer says:

    The second product is L-Arginine. I would not have known if I had not written it down as he named them. I am so hoping this will help me!

  4. I just found this on one of his site and after researching it I think it was what he was talking about: L-carnosine. Maye L-Arginine was on another program.

  5. Foximaiden says:

    The calculator in the link gave me a BMR of about 1500, but I don’t see a TEE calculator (which is Total Energy Expenditure- how many calories your body needs to support activity). Calories eaten should never be reduced below BMR- Lisa’s figure of 2255 is most likely her TEE, not BMR.

  6. John Pouch says:

    So confused!?!? I run 80 minutes a day (usually it’s about 10 – 11 miles) and walk 4-5 miles. I am not sure which category I am in? I’m 5’10, 140, male

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