Dr Oz Metabolism: Apple Body Type Shape & Cortisol Breast Cancer?

By on November 5, 2012

Dr Oz: Turbocharge Your Metabolism

Where do you carry your weight? For each of us, the answer may be a little different. But Dr Oz said that figuring this out is the first step toward teaching your body how to make the best of your metabolism. If you’re an apple shape, keep reading. For information on the other body types, check out the signs of Pear Body Shape or Box Body Shape.

Dr Oz’s guest, Dr Jeffrey Morrison, is a nutrition specialist who has studied the connection between metabolism and body type. He explained that teenagers can eat whatever they want without it affecting their weight. But hormones and metabolism change with age, and by your 40s, your body shape could actually change due to hormone imbalance.

Dr Oz Metabolism: Apple Body Type Shape & Cortisol Breast Cancer?

Dr Oz explained what causes the apple body type shape in his Turbocharge Your Metabolism show, as well as the link between cortisol & breast cancer.

Hormones are the culprit for your body shape, because having them too high or too low in some spots could be causing you to put on weight in certain areas. Dr Oz set off fireworks to show what he wants us to be able to do with our bodies and metabolism.

Dr Oz Metabolism: Apple Body Type

The apple has excess fat around the waist, as a result of lower estrogen, which causes fat storage in the midsection. Stress is another factor, which is where the dreaded cortisol hormone comes in.

Dr Oz: What Causes Apple Body Type?

Dr Morrison said apple shapes put on weight in the upper back and often have small legs. They may also have round faces. The cortisol hormone that Doctor Oz has talked about many times before is what causes visceral fat gain around vital organs.

Dr Oz said that stress triggers fat storage in problem areas, which can lead to fatty liver or other organ dysfunction. Undoing you stress is one important way to prevent these complications.

Dr Oz: Apple Shape Body Type Health Problems

One apple shaped woman said she has tried diet and exercise, but she doesn’t seem to be getting results. Apples don’t do well on low calorie diets, Dr Morrison said. Excessive exercise can also trigger stress in apples, when the body protects itself against famine.

Apple body type patients need to worry about many kinds of disease:

Dr Oz: Cortisol Breast Cancer Link?

According to Dr Morrison, cortisol has been tied to breast cancer in at least one recent study. He explained that the hormonal imbalance between individuals is why something that works for your sister or best friend might not take hold in your life.

Dr Oz is promising solutions for all the body types in this episode, including Pear Shape and Box Shape body types.

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