Dr Oz Metabolism Body Shape Diet: Seaweed, Hummus, Selenium & Figs

By on November 5, 2012

Dr Oz Metabolism Body Shape: Turbocharge Your Metabolism

Dr Oz has been explaining the Apple Shape, Pear Shape and Box Shape body types, and how our body shape affects our metabolism. Now that we know the symptoms and health risks of each body type, Dr Oz is revealing how food can be a key to turning up metabolism. It’s Dr Oz’s metabolism body shape diet!

Studies show that eating the right foods can fire up metabolism. But the foods you need are different for each of the metabolism types. Finally, it was time to figure out what foods go with which body types.

Dr Oz Apple Body Type Diet: Low Glycemic Foods

Dr Oz Metabolism Body Shape Diet: Seaweed, Hummus, Selenium & Figs

Dr Oz revealed his metabolism body shape diet, including food suggestions for the apple shape, pear shape, and box shape body types; seaweed & selenium.

Elizabeth has an apple shape, and she has struggled to lose stomach fat, despite regular diet and exercise for nearly a year. Dr Oz said she needed something to fight her Cortisol.

Dr Oz said these would be low glycemic foods, which will prevent sugar spikes and the release of cortisol. Elizabeth said she has a lot of external stressors, but Dr Oz said that carbs can be an internal stressor.

Dr Oz Apple Shape: Lentils, Eggplant Spaghetti & Red Pepper Hummus

Here are the foods Dr Oz suggested for the Apple Shape.

  • Lentils – high protein
  • Red Pepper Hummus – contains vitamins & metabolism boosting spices
  • Eggplant – nutrient rich spaghetti alternative; Dr Oz said it has “the same texture and the same density as pasta”

Dr Oz Pear Body Type Diet: High Fiber Foods

Eileen said she is an example of the pear shape, and has struggled with thigh and hip weight all her life. As a fitness instructor, she struggles to be a better example for her students.

Dr Oz explained that high fiber foods will bind to excess estrogen in the body of a pear shaped woman. He said it won’t change anything about the quality of your stool, but it will eliminate some of that estrogen.

Dr Oz Pear Shape: Edamame, Figs & Whole Wheat Pasta

If you need high fiber foods to fight your pear shape, try these.

  • Edamame – contains plant-derived phytoestrogens to balance estrogen fat storage
  • Whole Wheat Pasta – swap it out for white pasta
  • Figs – highest fiber fruit

Dr Oz said eating these food can start to rev the metabolism immediately.

Dr Oz Box Body Type Diet: High Iodine & Selenium Foods

Ceron represented the box shape body type, though I don’t think she looked fat anywhere. She said she works out and is very physically active as a member of the military (go Ceron!). Dr Oz reminded everyone that the thyroid is the issue for the box body type shape.

Dr Oz said that Iodine and Selenium foods can be the key to turning things around if you have a box body type.

Dr Oz Box Shape: Sunflower Seeds, Shrimp & Seaweed

Here were the foods on Doctor Oz’s list for the box shape body type.

  • Seaweed – inexpensive and versatile
  • Shrimp – contains Vitamin D to build muscle
  • Sunflower Seeds – 1/3 cup snack daily

Dr Oz said to pick the food or foods you love that work with your body type. Was there something on one of these lists that has you excited about your metabolism?

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Comments to Dr Oz Metabolism Body Shape Diet: Seaweed, Hummus, Selenium & Figs

  1. I am quite concerned with the advice given to a young lady on this program: high doses of iodine and selenium. The National Institute of Health reports that most Americans already consume adequate amounts of selenium. This is an essential mineral, but is only needed in trace amounts. The maximum daily upper limit for an average human being, without harm, is 400 mcg. Amounts in excess of this can become toxic. I heard no word of caution… did I miss that part?

  2. I have a box type body, but I’m confused as to what to do here because 15 years ago I had Grave’s Disease and my doctor advised me to have my thyroid killed. So now I’m on a dosage of medication that is suppose to replace that hormone. I’ve gained so much weight since then and can not lose it. Eating more iodine foods is not going to help me because my thyroid is no longer working. HELP! I’ve found no information about losing weight without a thyroid.

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