Dr Oz Metabolism: Box Body Type Shape Low Thyroid & Depression

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Dr Oz Metabolism: Box Body Type Shape Low Thyroid & Depression

By on November 5, 2012

Dr Oz: Metabolism Body Types

So far, Dr Oz has taught us about the Apple Body Type and Pear Body Shape, but what if you don’t fit into either of these categories? You might be a Box Body Type, which is the last of the three types he outlined on the show before explaining how to Turbocharge Your Metabolism.

If you think you are body of the body types, then you might be a box. These body types don’t have body definition, and are more prone to all-over weight gain. This is resultant from a thyroid hormone deficiency, causing a slow metabolism.

Dr Oz Metabolism: Box Body Type Shape Low Thyroid & Depression

Dr Oz and Dr Jeffrey Morrison discussed the third body type. The box body type shape gains weight all over and struggles with low thyroid health problems.

Other identifying factors for the Box Body Type include:

  • sagging arms/chin/torso
  • loose skin
  • all-over fat

Dr Oz: Box Body Type Health Risks

According to expert Dr Jeffrey Morrison, the Box Body Type is the most dangerous because of those low thyroid hormones. That means there’s virtually no metabolism at work, which can lead to a variety of unwanted conditions, such as:

  • Enlarged Heart
  • High Cholesterol
  • Depression
  • Memory Loss

Dr Oz: Box Body Type Low Thyroid

Doctor Oz asked what’s going on with the thyroid in this body type. As Dr Morrison explained, “it literally is the key that turns on the metabolism for every cell in the body.” Slow metabolism can affect the brain and heart as well, leading to symptoms surrounding memory and concentration.

Even dry skin, high cholesterol, or constipation could be related to this thyroid problem. That’s a lot to have happen because of such a small part of the body.

In fact, if you are feeling down about your body anyway, you could mistake your negative feelings as a consequence of your weight gain, when in fact they could be a key symptom. You can always suggest that your doctor test your thyroid levels if you suspect something is wrong.

Dr Oz: Box Shape Body Type

Dr Oz said he has heard of apples and pears, but the box shape is a new concept to him. Dr Morrison said it may be more common as a result of ongoing changes in our diets. He suggested that patients act on their own behalf to get answers and get healthy if they think that they may be struggling due to a box body type.

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Comments to Dr Oz Metabolism: Box Body Type Shape Low Thyroid & Depression

  1. Gloria Eastman says:

    I am a box shape, 65, disabled, and retired taking medication for my throid, but with low cholesterol. I watch your show but I did not get any help in what to do with the situation. I heard I need more idione, but I move to only sea salt (is that good or bad), kelp (what is good with kelp, and I did not follow on the other items.

    I am desperate and would appreciate some guidance. I live in a rural area, by choice so my stress is being managed. I have tried ever diet known, and lose, but end up gaining it back. The HCG diet was a disaster for me and my throid, I am now using green coffee beans, white tea, and saffron, and have ordered the other teas and pinon nuts. Help.

  2. I am a box shape, 51 year old female government worker and taking 200 mcg of Levothroyine. I had radiation back in 1995 to burnout my thyroid and I am diabetic with high cholesterol. I watch your show but I did not hear anything that I can do to lose weight..

  3. lori simpson says:

    I am a box shape,43 year old female with a low thyroid. My dr. said I was only 1 point from medication for my thyroid. I am in recovery and ADHD with depression. I cant turn to the diet pills anymore for energy and I have absolutely none. I have gained 30 lbs. since I have been out of rehab (7mo.) and I was already way over weight. Please Dr. Oz what do I need to add to my diet for energy and weight loss.

  4. K Duran says:

    54-year old female; Box Shape; take synthroid for Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis; had hypophysectomy (pituitary gland tumor removal); physician said I’d need to take
    Prednisone for life (cortisol issues after surgery), which caused diabetes insipidus
    (so take small daily dose of Humulin). Also take high blood pressure, high cholesterol,
    diuretic medications, in addition to anti-clotting (Plavix) medication for blood clotting
    disorder (antiphospholipid syndrome). (Enough?)
    PLEASE recommend means for possible weight loss (and brain fog loss–ha)
    considering my “issues”. THANKS!

  5. Pat Spero says:

    Will be 62 years April 10th.. I am active I generally eat well, Use no processed foods, Never Fast Foods, I like to cook and bake at home.. This upper weight gain, what I call fat back and Upper abdominal area and abdomen area weight is driving me crazy.. I lost my husband in 2008, we were together for 38 years, and I took care of him at home for about 6years. He died from Silocosis. and the weight just seemed to pile on, I also took care of my Dad who passed 2 years later, Both men were so very important to me.. and now both gone.. That left me to care for my Mom who will be 88yrs old on the 19th of April. She is not in very good health either. so since 2002 I have cared for all three of them, and then I lost my job in 2012, and could not find work, depressing for sure. So there’s a little history for you.. My life basically consist of taking care of my home 4 floors( basement) and that means shoveling snow, yard work, and trying to keep things done around here.. Then its the same at my Moms, doing her laundry, up and down stairs, Keeping her home clean, and doing all her yard work and shoveling. I push mow 2.5 acres 1once a week there..She recently stopped taking medications as needed, and forgets which I know comes from her age but really is getting bad. I have a Sister who visits with her and takes her to dr appts and out to eat, where as I am the work horse.. And I also take her to grocery store when I can get her to go. So in the mean time, sweets have become appealing to me, which I never ever did before, and i really like bread which I never did either. but my bread is all grain. I have barretts disease also. Anyways is there something I should do for a diet that I have not tried.. I am 5’2 weighing about 155lbs. have not seen this weight since I was Pregnant 38 yrs ago.. I need some form of direction and hoping you can help me out.
    Frustration in Ohio.. Patti

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