Dr Oz: Metabolism Plan & Chris Powell’s Cravings Secret Weapon

By on January 6, 2012

Dr Oz: Metabolism Myths

Dr Oz did a show on a Metabolism Boosting Plan.  We’ve all used the excuses as to why we can’t lose the weight. Today, Chris Powell joined Dr Oz to tell you whether or not your metabolism myths are true of false. (Not sure if I really want to know my excuses are myths at this point.)

Doctor Oz called up 3 audience members

Dr Oz Metabolism Plan

Dr Oz Metabolism Plan

who stated that over the years, their metabolism has slowed down and they believe they knew why.

Zena, the first audience member, believed she had a slow metabolism because of genetics. (this is my fave!) She stated that her mom was thin when she was younger but then gained weight as she got older, just as she did.

Is Metabolism Genetic?

Myth 1: My Metabolism Is Genetic

According to Chris, this is a big, fat MYTH. (Darn!) While there is a genetic component involved, it does not determine your body type in the future. Chris stated that “genetics loads the gun, but lifestyle pulls the trigger.” In other words, you may be predisposed to have a certain body type, but how you live will determine the final outcome.

Amy, a second audience member, stated that her metabolism has slowed down because she travels and breaks her diet all the time.

Chris Powell: Metabolism Secret Weapon

Myth 2: I Break My Diet

According to Chris, this is a myth. He went on to state that if you’re eating carbs a lot (the healthy kind, not the super duper hot fudge sundae kind), your metabolism should be sky high. It may be just a case of eating way too much of the unhealthy foods and not allowing your body to burn the calories. (Uh, ya think?) Chris suggested indulging in foods once or twice a week. After that, stick to your diet.

Monica, the third audience member, stated that she worked in an Italian restaurant and constantly grazed all day long on bread and other goodies. (Really? And these people can’t figure out why they don’t lose weight?!)

Hypno-Binging or Blind Binging

Myth 3: I Eat Mindlessly
According to Chris, this one is a FACT. (Finally!) Chris called it hypno-binging or blind binging. It was natural to experience a trigger that sets off binging, but there are tactics to use to navigate around that. One of Chris’ tips: rearrange the food in your cupboard so when you go to snack on chips and it’s been moved, you snap out of the blind binging. (That may work for him, but I will search through hell and high water to find that bag! Trust me.)

Dr Oz: Cravings Secret Weapon

Chris’ Secret Weapon For Cravings: Eat 1 Tbsp of your favorite fat (7-9 grams). Wait for 15 minutes and then you will no longer have any cravings.

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  1. Please describe what a favorite fat looks like? Think of fat as cooking oil.??

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