Dr Oz Metabolism Turbocharge Foods: Harissa, Sardines CoQ10 & Jalapeno


Dr Oz: Turbocharge Your Metabolism for Any Body Type

Dr Oz outlined the differences between the apple type vs pear type vs box type body, and he shared the handy Body Shape Diet to help you eat the right foods for your metabolism. But what can everyone eat that is good for the metabolism? The Dr Oz metabolism turbocharge foods include Sardines, Harissa and Jalapenos.


  1. Brenda says

    Note that grapefruit can interact with certain medications so check with your doctor & pharmacist before eating grapefruit. (My Dad found out the hard way from his doctor that he is NOT to eat grapefruit as it interacts with his medication making it ineffective.)

  2. Sekena says

    Did he say how to eat the sardines. I normally would eat them with wheat crackers, but i think I heard him say no carbs? Any reccommendations on how to eat or prepare the sardines. Adding the Harissa might be good.

  3. Helen says

    If you search online, you get get various versions of harissa. The recipes online are for a “wet” harissa, thus the oil. I decided to make it myself, but dry so I can add it to my oven baked chick peas. Online you get a ton of recipes for harissa, and the heat can be varied according to the type of chillies used in the making. A good blender can crush the spices or you can buy them already crushed, ready to blend the mix.

    When adding the spices to your oil, I would think using a glass bottle of olive oil, and the spice mixture will depend on the strength you want. For me, I would add 2-3 tblsps. of harissa so the oil becomes somewhat spicy and I would use dried habaneros in my harissa mix. 🙂 Good luck and hope my comments helped someone. Happy dieting!!

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