Dr Oz: Metabolism Type Diet – Balancing Fat, Carbs & Protein


Dr Oz: Metabolism Type Diet

Dr Oz taught us what our salty or sweet cravings mean for our Metabolism Type, and how the foods we eat can actually affect our personalities. Next, he wanted to explain what you should be eating for your Metabolism Type.

Metabolism Type A Diet: High Protein & Fatty Dairy Foods

The good news for this type is that it is great at breaking down fat and protein. Those are more effectively processed than carbs in the body.



  1. Julia Kelada says

    Dear Dr Oz, i love this metabolism information and i am definately a type B, here’s the problem i have ciliac disease and so i often dont eat bread as i hate gluten free bread and obviously i have cut out grains, i do love bananas and im a great cake and muffin baker with my gluten free flour but PLEASE do you have anybother suggestions for carbs?
    I thank you SO much for reading this of im sure millions of emails, but my appreciation is enormous!

  2. Lee says

    Dr. Oz,

    I enjoyed the types of Metabolism foods in your show yesterday.
    I wasn’t able to take the quiz.
    Could you please direct me to the link so that I can feed my family with the
    right proportions of food.

  3. says

    i would love to try this metabolism diet or healthier eating however I have crohns disease and have a hard time eating grains and dairy products is it ok if I subsitute lactose free dairy not sure what to replace the grains with though

  4. says

    I have been diagnosed with PBC (Primary Billiary Cirrhosis of the Liver). There are numerous restrictions to our diet, etc. I have great difficulty keeping any “healthy foods” down. I spit up continuously. Will your “remedies” or diets be appropriate for me?

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