Dr Oz: Metabolism Type Diet – Balancing Fat, Carbs & Protein

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Dr Oz: Metabolism Type Diet – Balancing Fat, Carbs & Protein

By on September 18, 2012

Dr Oz: Metabolism Type Diet

Dr Oz taught us what our salty or sweet cravings mean for our Metabolism Type, and how the foods we eat can actually affect our personalities. Next, he wanted to explain what you should be eating for your Metabolism Type.

Metabolism Type A Diet: High Protein & Fatty Dairy Foods

The good news for this type is that it is great at breaking down fat and protein. Those are more effectively processed than carbs in the body.

The recommended diet for Metabolism Type A is:

  • 50% Protein
  • 30% Fats
  • 20% Carbs

I wonder what Dr Joel Fuhrman would have to say about this metabolism plan, in light of his Food Pyramid. Dr Oz picked darker cuts of meat, such as poultry and darker fish, like salmon or tuna. He said not to believe the myth that white meat is healthier than dark meat.

As for dairy, he suggested that she and other Type As choose dairy products with more fat, such as 2% milk and regular cheese.

Metabolism Type B Diet: High Carbs, Low Fat

Dr Oz: Metabolism Type Diet - Balancing Fat, Carbs & Protein

Dr Oz explained the Metabolism Type Diet for metabolisms A, B and C to show how you can balance fat, carbs and protein on your plate.

This body type is great at storing carbs, which is the underlying reason that people with this body type crave sweets. Here’s how the plate should look.

  • 70% Carbs
  • 20% Protein
  • 10% Fats

This is dramatically different from the Type A plan, but Dr Oz said that reacting to your Metabolism Type is the only key to changing your cravings and managing moods.

Of course, Dr Oz pitched whole grain breads and healthy carb options such as bananas. He recommended a low fat diet for Metabolism Type B. The plan also included light fish.

Metabolism Type C Diet: Fats, Proteins & Carbs

What if you crave the salty and the sweet? That’s Metabolism Type C, and Dr Oz explained what people with this Metabolism Type should be loading their plates with.

  • 33% Fats
  • 33% Protein
  • 33% Carbs

That means you get to eat a balance of everything. This sounds like a convenient body type for a binge eater.

Dr Oz: Metabolism Types & Personality

What’s the deal with these Metabolism Types? It all comes back to those personality changes, according to Dr Oz. He said that a mix of light and dark meats and poultry is recommended, unlike in the other types. Basically this diet means you can eat any healthy foods that you like.

I do wish that he’d conferred with Dr Fuhrman about this idea of Metabolism Types, since they spent the first half of the show talking about Food as Medicine.

These three sisters said they’d have to get used to eating things they didn’t know they were allowed to have. Type Bs can eat cereal and breads, for example, which could help break those caffeine addictions. For Type C, Emily said she would have to work on achieving a balance on her plate.

Don’t forget to check the Metabolism Types Quiz for the characteristics of your own body type.

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Comments to Dr Oz: Metabolism Type Diet – Balancing Fat, Carbs & Protein

  1. Julia Kelada says:

    Dear Dr Oz, i love this metabolism information and i am definately a type B, here’s the problem i have ciliac disease and so i often dont eat bread as i hate gluten free bread and obviously i have cut out grains, i do love bananas and im a great cake and muffin baker with my gluten free flour but PLEASE do you have anybother suggestions for carbs?
    I thank you SO much for reading this of im sure millions of emails, but my appreciation is enormous!

  2. Dr. Oz,

    I enjoyed the types of Metabolism foods in your show yesterday.
    I wasn’t able to take the quiz.
    Could you please direct me to the link so that I can feed my family with the
    right proportions of food.

  3. The metabolism quiz is only available through Dr Oz’s official website, doctoroz.com.

  4. i would love to try this metabolism diet or healthier eating however I have crohns disease and have a hard time eating grains and dairy products is it ok if I subsitute lactose free dairy not sure what to replace the grains with though

  5. I have been diagnosed with PBC (Primary Billiary Cirrhosis of the Liver). There are numerous restrictions to our diet, etc. I have great difficulty keeping any “healthy foods” down. I spit up continuously. Will your “remedies” or diets be appropriate for me?

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