Dr Oz: Mexican Fajitas & Beef & Broccoli | Healthy Restaurant Meals


Dr Oz: Healthy Restaurant Meals

You love to eat out, but the calories are ridiculous. Dr Oz brings out Fitness Expert and author of The Petite Advantage Diet, Jim Karas, to show you how to eat at your favorite restaurant without loading up on the calories.

Jim Karas says some of the biggest mistakes people make are going to dinner hungry and not going into battle mode when you eat out. Restaurants calories in food actually contain 300 more calories than we believe.

Dr Oz: Chinese Beef & Broccoli

Chinese Food-beef and broccoli


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    i am looking for the show that Dr. Oz gave about people who wanted to loose weight on the butt, stomach , and thighs,. H e gave three different meals for each, can you help? One is a pasta dish ,one is a breakfast dish, can’t remember the other one, each one had to be eaten for five days, please let me know which date it was, thanks joyce

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