Dr Oz Mineral Boosting Juice Recipe Helps You Eat Less Salt Bombs


Dr Oz: Salt Bombs

If you’re trying to avoid extra salt in your diet, there’s a good chance you already knew to avoid foods like pickles, French fries, and even some canned soups. But there’s a secret the food industry doesn’t want you to know. They’re called salt bombs and Dr Oz wanted to be sure you’re aware of them so that you can be more conscious of your salt habit and know exactly what you’re eating.  Plus, Dr. Oz shared a fantastic Mineral Boosting Juice recipe that stops your salt cravings!  Who knew that a Mineral Juice could do that?!?

First, Dr. Oz sent Dr Jennifer Caudle to find out more about those so-called “salt bombs.” She often sees salt sneaking into her own patients’ diets and explained that too many patients and even some doctors are uneducated when it comes to the truth about salt. That’s exactly why she wanted to educate herself and others about the dangers of salt.  You will be shocked by the top Salt Bombs on the next page…

Dr Oz: How Much Sodium Per Day? + Hidden Salt Bombs In Food

Do you really know how much sodium you’re consuming each day? Dr Oz learned more about hidden salt in the American diet. (quinndombrowski / Flickr)


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