Dr. Oz: Moncia Seles Binge Eating Disorder & Overcoming Feeling Shame


Dr. Oz: Monica Seles Binge Eating

Tennis star Monica Seles came by Dr. Oz to talk about her struggle with binge eating. Monica Seles came to fame when she was a teenager. At 16, she was the youngest player ever to win the French Open, a record that still stands today. At 17, she was the number one ranked player in the world.



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    I have a weight loss support group, named TOP’s ( Take Off Pounds Sensibly) I have Two members that have this disorder. I ‘m afraid that they will eat them selves to death. Literally I have tried to talk to them, but both are in denial. Do you have any Ideas on how to approach this with them?
    Thank You
    Janet Pretzel

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