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Dr Oz: Actor Morris Chestnut

There was no one more thrilled to see Morris Chestnut in the studio than Dr Oz’s go-to tester Rhenotha. Morris actually joined the show to share his secrets for sculpting your best body. Morris first wanted everyone to know that his plan wasn’t meant for Hollywood hunks, but instead the everyday person. “The Cut” is a program for everyone, including men and women both young and old.

Dr Oz: How Morris Chestnut Got Out Of Shape

There’s no denying that Morris has a body many men would dream of having, but even he fell off the wagon for a bit and gained 30 pounds. Morris explained that he was filming a show in New York called Nurse Jackie and it was so cold that he wouldn’t walk out of his apartment to the gym next-door. He wasn’t eating the best and because he’s in his 40’s, it caught up to him.


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